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Spring Fling Feature #3: Six Ways To Keep The Little In Your Girl (A Dannah Gresh Book)

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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: Spring Fling Feature #3: Six Ways To Keep The Little In Your Girl (A Dannah Gresh Book)

Mar 4, 2011

Spring Fling Feature #3: Six Ways To Keep The Little In Your Girl (A Dannah Gresh Book)

Spring Fling: "New Beginnings Event"
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March 13-19, 2011

I'm inviting you to hop over and visit our featured Spring Fling Feature Sponsor. Feel free to shop from their site/ store and follow them through the social media links provided below.

Sometime last month, on the drive back from the mall, I heard Dannah Gresh, on a Focus on the Family broadcast, talk about the sort of relationship God desires for a mother and her daughter to share. I remember what she said ministered to my heart and later that night I googled her site, Pure Freedom, to read more about her ministry.

Dannah's ministry is focused around Mommies and their tween/teen daughters and though my Bunny girl has a while to reach that stage, as her Mommy, I know it's never too early to be built up in God's wisdom for a specific season in her life, even if it may be a few years away.

When Harvest House Publishers kindly agreed to send me Dannah's book Six Ways To Keep The Little In Your Girl, I was thrilled only because I believe this book will bless, encourage and guide my Mommy readers with tweens/teens at home.

The Buzz:

When the world wants girls to grow up too fast, how do you help your daughter navigate boy craziness, modesty, body image, media, and Internet safety?

The foundation for an emotionally healthy teen girl is built between the ages of 8 and 12. Mothers of tween girls can direct and guide their daughters by developing a close relationship with them. In Six Ways to Keep the Little in Your Girl, Dannah Gresh shares six ways to help you grow confident, godly young women.

Also included is a quiz to test your relationship, fun activities to do together, and Scriptures to use in prayer.

E.B. Mommy's Report:

I love how Dannah doesn't begin this book with the "Six Ways", instead she begins by encouraging you, as a Mommy, to build a foundation of a lifetime relationship of love, connectivity and joy with your daughter. This part of the book deals with acknowledging your Mommy fears, finding ways to connect with your daughter and understanding how connecting with her will lead to the formation of strong Christ centered values.

The second part of the book is the "building" up phase or as Dannah says, the "practical" phase. In each chapter she highlights "God's Way" and encourages you to help your daughter find "Her Way" in Him.

Bunny girl will turn 5 years old soon and as parents, we're careful about the sort of movies she watches, the books she reads and the toys she plays with. "Way #1" was a chapter I could really relate with as it encouraged me to see how guiding Bunny girl on the sort of dolls she plays does not make us mean, dictatorial parents but parents who care about the way we're raising our child. As parents, it's our daily prayer that we see her blossom into a confident, beautiful woman, both on the inside and out....a woman God has called her to be.

Six Ways to Keep the Little in Your Girl is a "meat"y book filled with God anointed wisdom that I would recommend for your library Mommies, especially if you have daughters at home who will be/are tweens/teens.

Visit Pure Freedom's website for more resources.

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At March 4, 2011 at 5:52 PM , Blogger Kristie said...

I've been thinking a lot about this very subject lately with my little girl. She'll be 5 soon too and just seems to be growing up way too fast! :-/ This sounds like it would be great to read to be prepared for those teenage years! :-)


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