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Triumphant Target trip 7/29

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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: Triumphant Target trip 7/29

Jul 31, 2009

Triumphant Target trip 7/29

Did quite a detailed trip down to Target 2 days ago, armed with my coupons and must pick up deals on my list. I will highlight the deals you can replicate with the easily accessible list of coupons. Some of the deals coupons I had clipped in my coupon holder, so don't really remember the source..sorry!

My Target Triumph on 7/29:
  1. 1 Packet of Baked Lays Chips (On sale for 2.50$ had a 1$ off Baked Lays coupon clipped + 50 cents off :Target coupon)
  2. 2 Kelloggs Pop Tart boxes ( deal details below)
  3. 1 Honey Kix Cereal box (coupon for a free box- from a Blog giveaway win)
  4. Pillsbury Brownie Mix(clearanced to 1.38$-no coupons for this)
  5. 10 WW Smart Ones Frozen Food Meals (deal details below)
  6. 1 WW Smart Ones dessert (Free dessert coupon when you buy 4 Smart Ones- not sure where I got this from...think it was All You's Magazine- a great coupon source. I subscribed to this only for the coupons!!)
  7. 2 Kashi Waffles boxes (deal details below)
  8. 1 large Tropicana Juice-2.84 ltrs (coupon for a free Tropicana upto 4.99$ -from a Tropicana sign up on the Web 2 months ago)
  9. 4 Breyers Yogurt with Oreo pieces (deal details below)
  10. 2 Nexcare Disney Princess Bandaids (deal details below)
  11. 1 Palmolive dish detergent (1$ minus the 25 cents coupon I had clipped)
  12. Rose Art 8 count paint set (on sale for 50 cents)
  13. 1 18 oz box of Rice Krispies (coupon for a free box from Vocalpoint)

In total I bought 28 products, paid 9.17$ and saved 65.37$. Best of all the Target card I used was a 50$ card we got from redeeming rewards, so in effect we got all of this free ;>

Break up of the deals you can replicate:

Weight Watchers Smart Ones :

Buy 10 Weight Watchers @ 1.80$ each: 18$ total
Minus 10 1$ Target coupons
Minus 4$ off 10 Smart Ones coupon from this link
(You will need to click yes for the "I'd like to hear about product news and future offers from HJ Heinz", to access the coupon)
Total you wil pay for 10 Smart Ones: 4$ only!

Kelloggs Pop Tarts:

Buy 2 Kelloggs Pop Tarts (8 in a box)@ 1.52$ each
Minus 2 55 cents off coupon from this link (FF or IE)-can be printed twice
Minus 2 75 cents off Target coupon
Total you will pay for 2 Kelloggs Pop Tarts: 44 cents only!

Kashi Waffles:

Buy 2 Kashi waffles boxes @ 1.74$ each (This price may vary store to store)
Minus 2 1.50$ off a box coupon from Vocalpoint's site
Minus 2 25 cents off a box Target coupon
Total you will pay for 2 boxes of Kashi waffles: 8 cents only!

Breyers yogurt:

Buy 4 Breyers yogurt @ 52 cents each:
Minus 2 1$ off 2 any Breyers product coupons from
Total you will pay for 4 cups of yogurt: 8 cents only!

Nexcare Bandaids (8 assorted):

Buy any number of Nexcare 8 assorted waterproof bandaids packs (you can find there in the travel size products aisle) @ 1.02$ each (This price may vary store to store)
Minus the 1$ off any Nexcare product from the site. (This coupon does not have a print limit)
Total you will pay per pack: 2 cents only!

There are more Target deals out there for this week. Visit Attention Target Shoppers and Hip2Save for more deals. These 2 sites are my picks for the best Target finds each week.

P.S. The Buzz is Target's toys clearance is on full swing. Some stores have already marked down to 75%. Go check yours's good to stock up for birthdays and Christmas now!

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