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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: Countdown!!: Only 2 days left!

Jul 29, 2009

Countdown!!: Only 2 days left!

Can you believe we're all set to party on Saturday? I can't!! I hope you are all set to win some great goodies.

You know, I just made an observation...I've personally found it easier to win a bloggy giveaway than an instant win game on the web. Somehow I have had some wins with the latter but think the bloggy wins come in sooner, with less work and you can get some really unique prizes! (Yes lazy, lazy me!)

In the last ten days I found out I won:

A Toys R Us Rallye Safety Sign Thanks God's not finished with us yet and Toddler Craft

A Preserve Jr toothbrush (:>)
Thanks to Superheroes and Princesses

And a Honey Kix pack ( free box of cereal, a cereal container, cereal Carry and go container, honey jar and a cereal bowl)

Thanks to Saving Queen

Oh and click this link to view some earlier wins

I'm only posting this to encourage you to enter the blog giveaways you stumble across even while blog never know what you could win.

Having said that....Don't forget the Back to School-40 days of giveaways- Carnival starts here on Saturday August 1st. Do enter all the giveaways as all the prizes are great :>

Till then, here's sniff number 9.....

There's some great stuff for Mommy to pretty herself with and even something to make the extra curves on the 'Child carrier'(your hips ladies!)stay in place ;>.....stay tuned for more in the days to come. These special prezzies will be in there somewhere!!

Don't forget to spread the 'Buzz', snag the button and post it around the blogosphere. The Carnival will soon be here!

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