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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: What's big, purple and sings?

Jul 27, 2009

What's big, purple and sings?


I know all you Mommies and Daddies with little ones ( or kids who were once little) will know who the lovable purple dino is. Bunny girl has absolutely adored Barney ever since she was a year old. Barney, BJ and Bababap(Baby Bop) were among the first few words she would say and boy does she know a whole bunch of songs today thanks to Barney!. I still remember the day she shocked my Mom by singing my Grandmother's childhood song- Sarasponda. Where did she learn that...Barney ofcourse!!

When I received the latest release for review (thanks to Andrea Blain Public Relations) Bunny girl was thrilled. We received the beautifully packaged Barney book "Barney's Count to 10" and the inner pocket in the book held a "Barney's Book Fair" dvd. A Barney book and a Barney, Mama sure scored big time with Bunny girl!!

Barney's Book Fair DVD and Book Collection is a wonderful release from Lionsgate Publicity and HIT Entertainment and since July 14th, this collection has been available to the public in stores. It costs 14.98$ - a great buy for any Barney fan who would love the book and the full length DVD.

The Count to 10 book is a lovely book for preschoolers, with bright colorful pictures and a fun storyline that involves Baby Bop, Barney and BJ in Professor Tinkerputt's toy factory, counting the little toys they come across, from the tricycle's wheels to the train's wagons. little yellow duckies and more.

The DVD was a real treat as it runs for about 52 minutes. It starts off with the kids organizing a book drive and leads to them making their own books. With Barney and their imaginations they go off on a rocket ship, have their own little circus and sing a whole bunch of songs. The songs include all the good old numbers like What do we see at the zoo, Old McDonald and Flying high in the sky. The DVD also includes the fun 'Dance with me' segment with the toe tapping Old King Cole, Wiggle to the left goose song and a mixture of rhythmic tunes that your little one is sure to identify. Bunny girl sang all the way through the DVD and to be honest, I enjoyed watching every bit of it with her!

The DVD is available with an English-Spanish option and is a DVD repackage of Read with Me Dance with Me. The age target is 1-5 years (but if you are a child at heart, you will love this too!!)

Bunny girl definitely recommends this DVD Book collection......and so does her Mama!

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At July 27, 2009 at 9:19 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just have to comment ! I was a bit sceptical about Barney and our Bunny Girl's devotion to him till I got to see the magical world that Barney weaved for her which included ole time fav songs like Sarasponda (which I thought was hard for a little two and half year old when she sang for me ..way to go Bunny Girl ! More power to Barney I guess...GG


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