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Countdown!!: 3 days to go ( and BIG NEWS)

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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: Countdown!!: 3 days to go ( and BIG NEWS)

Jul 28, 2009

Countdown!!: 3 days to go ( and BIG NEWS)

THREE MORE DAYS and bang, we'll be in 'Carnival' mode! Woo-hoo!!

Before I tickle your curiosity with another sniff I have some BIG NEWS (Nope, I don't know yet if we won the Cozi 100$ yet but honestly we did really great. 94 comments in all- not a single repeat comment....that's an awesome tally! Thank you so much for coming over and leaving a comment on the post. I think they do the big reveal on Thursday. :>)

Ok, now for the BIG NEWS, our sponsors for the giveaways have been so generous that I actually have, till date, 37 giveaways!!!! As a result, I am EXTENDING the carnival by another 9 DAYS...which means an additional 9 giveaways making it more than a month full of giveaways....40 days to be precise! YAY!!!! (And keep in mind you will surely have a Carnival full of more than 40 giveaways by the end of it all ;>)

The Carnival button will not change, Template Mama was sweet enough to design my cute little bunny with the balloons and I would encourage you to stop at her site and look at some of the great FREE templates she has....she can make your blog look unique!

Back to the sniffs. Here's sniff number 8......

Seen those people walking around with snazzy stationery and said "Wish that were me"? ....well that can be you! There are some great collections to choose from, so don't forget...just 3 days left for the Carnival to start!! This special prezzie will be in there somewhere!!

Don't forget to spread the 'Buzz', snag the button and post it around the blogosphere. The Carnival will soon be here!

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At July 28, 2009 at 11:17 AM , Blogger Christy said...

You won the parrot toothbrush! Email me with your address and you will receive it ASAP! Thanks for entering the giveaway!


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