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My quick shopping trip on June 4: Over 100$ in savings!

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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: My quick shopping trip on June 4: Over 100$ in savings!

Jun 5, 2009

My quick shopping trip on June 4: Over 100$ in savings!

Did a quick stop at Target and Walgreens yesterday. Here's what I got:


2 Softsoap ensembles refill packs 12$ (6$ each)
Minus two 2$ Manufacturer coupon from the site (You can print the coupon twice but sadly I could only get it to print once.)
Minus two 2$/1 Target coupons
(In my scenario I used 1 manuf coupon from the site and 1 40 cents Softsoap Manuf coupon that I had in my organizer)

(Target presently has a deal where you buy 2 Softsoap or Irish Spring packs and get back a 5$ giftcard. If you can get to print the 2$ coupon twice, this will be a moneymaker deal by 1$)

2 Kraft Mayo at 1.99$ each
Minus 1$ Target coupon each (link)
Minus 1$ Manuf coupon (I dont think these are on the Kraft site still but you can check the link in case)

5 Crystal Light at 99 cents each, near the checkout counters.
Minus Manuf coupons for 1$/2$ off (link .This link resets often, so print it whenever you see the coupon out)

Total Out of pocket spending: 5.53$
Received a giftcard for 5$
In effect only spent 53 cents for all this!

Printed savings on the receipt 27.20$


2 Hygeia Milk 2.99$ each

Bayer Contour Meter 10$
Minus 10$ manufacturer coupon. (Check the post here for details)

Ecotrin 2$
Minus 2.25$ coupon (link It will depend on your Walgreens if they will adjust the price of the coupon down to 2$ or clear the coupon to give you an overage of 25 cents. My Walgreens cleared the coupon)

4 Dial Pomegranate bodywash trial size at 99 cents each
Minus manufacturer coupons (link 1 and link 2. You can print both twice)

Also used a 1$ Register reward I had

Total out of pocket spending 4.69$
Got 12$ in register rewards in return!! (10$ RR from the Bayer and 2$ from the Ecotrin)
In effect I was paid 7.31$ to buy all this stuff!

Printed savings on the receipt: 88.73$. (I guess those Bayer Meters really cost a pretty dollar!)

Couponing does pay off and honestly there are many products you can get for free that your family may or may not use. Buy it anyway and donate it to your local Foodbank, the Salvation army or even to a family you know who is struggling to make ends meet.

We have a box in our kitchen now and when I get stuff for free that I know we can't use I make Bunny girl put it in the box and it teaches her in the process that we need to help others in need.

By God's Grace we don't need to use any of those Bayer Meters nor do we use a lot of Kraft Mayo, Crystal Light or even Dial Body wash but there are people out there who can't afford to buy these products and YOU CAN HELP them have these products. Think of this the next time you go 'frugal deal shopping' armed with your coupons and buy those extras. Believe me you will find the whole experience even more satisfying!



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