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Spent 12$ at Target and saved 45.79$

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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: Spent 12$ at Target and saved 45.79$

May 31, 2009

Spent 12$ at Target and saved 45.79$

Had coupons for all my buys at Target today except the two 99 cent cottonbud boxes. Here's a breakdown of my transaction:

10 Weight Watchers Smart Ones at 1.80$ for 9 and 0.98$ for 1
Minus the 4$ of 10 coupon (link : Fill in the form and mark yes on this question, "I'd like to hear about product news and future offers from H.J. Heinz Company, the makers of Weight Watchers Smart Ones. ")
Get back a 5$ RR

6 Crystal Light packets - hanging near the counters
Minus 1$/1 and 2$/2 coupons (link)

6 boxes of Kashi Waffles at 1.79$ a box
Minus 1.5 $ coupons from Vocalpoint for 5 boxes plus 1 coupon for 1 free box

2 cottonbud packs at 99 cents each

2 Kraft Mayonnaise at 1.99$ each
Minus 1$ Target coupon (link)
Minus 1$ Kraft coupon (link)or (link)

Jello Pudding 6 pack

Minus 1$ coupon (link)

Paid out of pocket 17$, got a 5$ giftcard back and saved 45.79$.



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