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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: Wouldn't you love to be a sponge again?

Jun 4, 2009

Wouldn't you love to be a sponge again?

Sounds crazy I know but honestly wouldn't you love to be able to just absorb things without having to rationalize,debate, battle and question everything that is presented to you. Don't you wish at times you could just accept and believe without a doubt God's Promises for you?

I've recently noticed whenever Bunny girl's trying to convince someone of a point she is trying to make, she emphatically states her case, pauses, looks at me and asks "Mama, is it like this?" and when I say "Yes", turns around, looks her subject in the eye and restates her point with stronger conviction than before. For her if Mama has said it then that settles it! That's it!!

For Bunny girl, if I have told her something, no matter what anyone else says, she will not accept "Mama's fact" to be anything other than the truth. For her I am the authority and in her little world I am the bearer of all knowledge,wisdom and every answer under the sun. (Yes, right now I'm in my happy Mommy world!)

Each time I watch this little cycle go on I know God's teaching me a lesson through this. Isn't this the way we need to trust our Father in Heaven? Believe His Word 100%? Have no doubt in His Promises, irrespective of the way things look otherwise?

I am honestly humbled each time I think of this and honestly ashamed that there are times when I try to reason out beyond and above what I should. I know God just wants me to be His little sponge again. Absorbing His Word and holding in His Promises, believing that His Word is True and that He will bring His Word to pass in my life and in the lives of those I love.

And looking at Bunny girl, I know her little heart is content and secure knowing her Mommy will watch out for her and trusts me on that, without a doubt.

Think about this. Wouldn't you love to be a sponge again?

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At June 6, 2009 at 1:57 AM , Blogger E said...

Aww I love these thoughts and just confirms we need to have the same childlike faith and trust that darling Bunny girl has about her Mama...the fount of all wisdom and knowledge ! Surely we would experience the same sense of security and conviction that all will go well in our world when we trust and rely on God...
Loved the rhetoric ...Wouldn't you love to be a sponge again..


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