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10 tips to grab the best family travel deals

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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: 10 tips to grab the best family travel deals

Mar 9, 2011

10 tips to grab the best family travel deals

Spring break is less than a week away and I'm sure some of you may be grumbling looking at the price of hotels, airfare and rocketing fuel prices. I know I can't help you save a big chunk of buckaroos this time round but lets look at planning frugally for the summer holidays ahead. The secret is to PLAN AHEAD!

Here are my 10 tips to grab the best family travel deals....
(You will need to thank Social Moms and Alamo for the prompt!)

1. Start researching on hotel/motel and airfare rates using price comparison sites like Kayak and Trip Mama or travel sites like Last Minute Travel.

2. If you need to rent a car while on holiday, hunt around for a rental car coupon code to slash those rental prices by a good margin. Suggested coupon sites include Retail Me Not, (I love this site!) Rental Codes and Rental Car Momma.

3. If you're traveling with little ones, keep in mind that the "lure of the Souvenir shops" can be very tempting for a child, so be prepared! Save yourself the pinch of an expensive prezzie by shopping for souvenirs before leaving from home. Ebay has some great offers if you take the time to scout them out.

4. Make sure you carry snacks, juice boxes and water to sustain the day outdoors, especially while visiting tourist attractions and theme parks. You can save yourself the pain of shelling out money on the same "munchies" but at an escalated cost at these tourist spots!

5. If you have children of preschool age or younger, the best time to travel is when all the other kids are at school....i.e. off season. You will be surprised at how inexpensive airfare and hotel rates can be!

6. If your child needs to use a car seat and you plan to travel out of state and intend to rent a car, make sure you carry along your own car seat. Renting one turns out to be quite pricey especially if your family plans to enjoy a nice long break away from home!

7. If you have older kids, consider looking into Timeshare programs when you visit certain places. Not only will you have the opportunity to stay at a property at a minimal price but this can also be a great investment option especially if you visit the area frequently. (I know several families that own timeshares in the Orlando, Florida area. They've found the investment to be a great price benefit.)

8. If you really want to take a vacation with the family but just can't afford to go too far or visit a theme park, why don't you subscribe to your local Tourist Guide Brochure and take day trips to local towns, cities, wildlife reserves, parks with historical significance? Not only will this allow you to travel to the spot and drive back the same day but it will also allow you to take several 'mini vacations' with the family over the summer and will help you orient you with other places around your locality.

9. Again, if you have older kids, you can take them camping to nearby camping spots, have family cook outs and teach them a few 'outdoor survival' musts.

10. Finally cash in on your credit card reward points. Credit Card companies like American Express allow Privilege members to cash in for gift cards to restaurants or rental car companies, once a certain spending limit is reached.

Remember it's not cheap to look for deals or coupons. It's being frugal and financially wise. A penny saved may not seem much in the beginning, but several months down the line all those pennies will amount to a substantial amount to send your family on the next vacation!

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** EBMR Disclaimer:
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