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A.B.E. Spotlight Feature #2: Bob, Fireman Sam, Barney and Thomas

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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: A.B.E. Spotlight Feature #2: Bob, Fireman Sam, Barney and Thomas

Jan 16, 2011

A.B.E. Spotlight Feature #2: Bob, Fireman Sam, Barney and Thomas

If you're looking for good, clean, entertaining viewing for your preschoolers, then check out these new Hit Entertainment and Lionsgate production releases.

The Buzz:

In Bob the Builder: The Golden Hammer (movie), Bob and his Can-Do Crew embark on a fun pirate movie adventure.

While installing new pillars at the local museum, Spud and Scrambler learn of the Pirate Brickbeard's Golden Hammer and team up to find the treasure to present it to Bob as a gift. As Bob lends a helping hand to construction projects around the town, Spud and Scrambler use the power of positive thinking, teamwork and problem-solving to get the job done and solve the mystery surrounding the legend of the Golden Hammer!

In Fireman Sam: Ready for Action, Fireman Sam and his trusty fire brigade help future firefighters learn the importance of fire safety, avoiding accidents and following directions.

The DVD includes 5 fiery episodes:

* Going Out With A Bang
* Sticky Situation
* Best Foot Forward
* Hot Air
* Alarm on the Beach

In Barney: A Musical Zoo Barney and Riff create a wild concert filled with exotic animal sounds. Riff omposes for a different kind of puppet show, then BJ and Baby Bop get into the act, learning about rhythm and performing for others.

The DVD includes these musical episodes:

* “Riff’s Musical Zoo” - Everyone is excited about an upcoming trip to the zoo. When the trip is postponed, Riff gathers instruments that sound like real animals and creates a musical zoo using everyday items around the playground.

* “Special Skills” - Barney suggests that BJ and Baby Bop put on a show so Riff can see how much fun they have at the park. Riff is a little shy — he’s never performed in a show before. Barney encourages Riff to participate, and Riff does what he knows best – he makes music to accompany a very special puppet show.

* “Rhythm” - Baby Bop is practicing her marching because she will be joining a real marching rhythm band and is having trouble keeping a beat. Barney, BJ and Riff help Baby Bop learn about rhythm just in time for her to join the band.

In Thomas & Friends: Wobbly Wheels & Whistles meet new engine friend “Scruff” in and everyone's favorite host Driver Perkins (who can be seen ONLY on DVD).

Travel along with Thomas for a wonderfully wobbly and wheel-spinning good time! The No. 1 blue engine has bridges to cross and tracks to uncover in these exciting adventures. When Victor gets overloaded with too many tasks, can Thomas help him let out steam? And while trying to get Scruff as clean as a whistle, will Thomas have to get his own wheels dirty? Just when things seem to be rolling along, will Ol’ Wheezy make a wobbly mess of Thomas’ special delivery? Hold on for exciting surprises waiting to be delivered just for you!

The DVD includes these episodes:

* “Jumping Jobi Wood”
* "Thomas and Scruff”
* "Victor Says Yes”
* “Toby and the Whistling Woods”

Buy it:

You can buy
  • Bob the Builder: The Golden Hammer (movie) DVD for 9.98 US$
  • Fireman Sam: Ready for Action DVD for 9.98 US$
  • Barney: A Musical Zoo DVD for 14.98 US$
  • Thomas & Friends: Wobbly Wheels & Whistles DVD for 14.98 US$

Win it:

Four readers will have the opportunity to win one of the featured DVDs at the Blogtastic Extravaganza, here on Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports.

Remember to mark the dates on your calendar: January 18-22, 2011 and hop back to enter then!

** EBMR Disclaimer: ABPR sent me the featured products. This post has not been monetarily compensated and is based on the information provided by the sponsor **

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At January 16, 2011 at 7:01 PM , Blogger Closer to Lucy said...

Very cute, Ms. Ma'am would want them all...I'll be back by for sure.

Out blog lurking, come by when you get a chance htt://

At January 16, 2011 at 9:07 PM , Blogger Koco & Viking said...

Fellow ABEr stopping by to say HELLO! See you on Tuesday!

your new friends,
koco & viking


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