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More food accessories from Annabel Karmel (Review Only)

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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: More food accessories from Annabel Karmel (Review Only)

Nov 9, 2010

More food accessories from Annabel Karmel (Review Only)

If you loved the last four Annabel Karmel products, you're sure to love the Fresh Food Mill.

This is BPA free, non automated food mill that can puree your baby's food and ensure none of those 'thread'y, 'easy to choke on' fibers get into their food.

I've used this to puree carrots and have also done a carrot-squash puree in the same too. The results have been great so far.

What the Mill basically does is 'squish' out all the juices from the boiled veggie/fruit that is placed under the steel grate ring.

The Mill is BPA free and is dishwasher safe.
(Note: I would advise you to read the instruction manual once before using the Mill so that you use the same correctly.)

Another product I love is the Double Decker Meal box that I've been using to send Bunny girl's lunch and snack in.

This BPA free, dishwasher safe box includes 2 single-serve microwavable dishes, 2 large compartment storage containers and 2 plasticware spoons.

I love that I can pack everything in one box and not worry about the crackers getting soggy or the snack and the lunch falling onto each other.

It's a great 'take to preschool' kit as it's easy for a preschooler to open, rearrange, use and close by herself/himself.

The last product to be featured in the Annabel Karmel line is the Steam Release Microwave dish

You can steam/cook fruits, vegetables and fish in the microwave, in the same. The lid comes with a unique valve that pre-releases steam and closes for airtight storage. This is BPA free, dishwasher safe, freezer safe and yes, microwave safe.

I personally may not use this in the microwave as I prefer cooking/steaming all our food on the stove, especially Bunny Boo's food. As an alternative, I use this as a great snack box to carry along when we're going out for a few hours!

For more great Annabel Karmel resources, visit her website.

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You can buy Annabel Karmel food making accessories from Babies R Us

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