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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: S'mores anyone?

Jul 22, 2010

S'mores anyone?

What do you get when you smoosh a Jet Puffed marshmallow upon a Hershey's chocolate square, upon a Honey Maid honey graham cracker? ......

S'MORES !! ...
and big sticky smiles around the kitchen table!
(or around the bbq grill after some yummy spicy chicken!)

I love my S'mores with generous amounts of chocolate oozing down the sides....Mmmm...Mmmmm....Mmmmm! How do you like yours?

Visit and enter the Instant win competition, just by entering a UPC code from one of the three featured S'mores products.

Check out the prizes...
One hundred (100) Grand Prizes (one/day): Outdoor fireplace. ARV: $120.
Two hundred (200) First Prizes (2/day):
S'mores kit to include a table top grill and apron. ARV: $32.60.
Two hundred (200) Second Prizes (2/day):
Backyard game set. ARV: $31.20.
Two hundred (200) Third Prizes (2/day):
Fleece blanket. ARV: $24.95.
Two hundred (200) Fourth Prizes (2/day):
Scrapbooking kit. ARV: $13.69.
One thousand (1,000)
Fifth Prizes (10/day):
S'mores ingredients container. ARV: $3.14.

Tata! I'm off to do a little S'mores shopping and will be back later to see if I can try and win that table top grill, though I'm sure Hubby would prefer the outdoor fireplace!

P.S. Check out the 4 different ways (Campfire, Microwave, Toaster oven and Grill) you can make your S'mores!

isclaimer: By publishing this post, I'm entering to win a S'mores prize pack as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club.**

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