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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: United Healthcare Student Resources- K12 Insurance

Nov 14, 2009

United Healthcare Student Resources- K12 Insurance

There's one bone I will always pick with the big guys in the administrative public offices and that's with the cost of healthcare. First you pay an arm and a leg to shell out your monthly insurance payments, then you pay another chunk as co pay charges and doctors the end of the day how exactly is this a win-win situation for you?

Hubby's company has recently made a switch to United Healthcare's insurance. We're yet to gauge the benefits but I understand the switch over was done to make a more affordable health plan for the employees and their families....I honestly hope so!

A while back I was sent this information and feel I should post this out there.....someone may really benefit from this healthcare initiative United Healthcare's Student Resources has for kids in the age group of 5-18 years. (Yes, big age range) called the K12 Insurance.

To simplify the information I was sent, I'm posting the important points below:
  • This plan covers kids 5018 years old (but in Texas kids 4-18 will fall under the coverage)
  • Does not only offer protection/cover accidents. It is an Injury and Sickness Insurance available all days of the year.
  • Over 2000 schools offer this plan (but note all schools DO NOT offer this plan). The participating schools include most public schools and districts plus several private schools. (All schools that belong to the Association of Christian Schools International are participating in this plan)
  • The K-12 plan helps protect uninsured children.
  • Here's an important point...if you or your husband pay a hefty packet towards your employer's plan deductible, this plan has the ability to pay you back for your child's eligible medical expenses even while paying out that deductible.
  • Now for the bottom much will this cost?....Each policy comes at 588 US$ a year or 98 US$ every two months.

Helpful tips:
  • Click the Plans and Pricing tab to check if your child's school district/system is participating and select that school.
  • Then click on the View Plan Materials tab to check the plan and benefits your child will be entitled to
  • Click the Enroll now, when ready, choose the Injury and Sickness plan and complete the plan fulfillment with payment either with a credit card or an e-check.
United Healthcare's Student's Resources has affirmed since the year 2008, that their premium will stay the same while the medical benefits and/or privileges your child can receive under the K12 Insurance plan only increase and improve. They have also proven to offer one of the best HIPAA-compliant student health plans in the country.

To get more details and enroll for this plan you can visit

** EBMR Disclaimer:
This post has been written using resources provided by Mom Select and United Healthcare Student Resources. I have not used this plan nor has any member of my family. The information provided is to educate the reader and provide an avenue to discover a possible alternate to affordable, insurance coverage**

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