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Energize your Blog with Dominique (Week 5)

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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: Energize your Blog with Dominique (Week 5)

Nov 23, 2009

Energize your Blog with Dominique (Week 5)

This is the 5th and last article from the 5 week series by Dominique Goh from 'Learning with Dominique'.

If you missed reading the last article, click on the link below to visit the same.

Week 1: How to make your Blog Unique
Week 2: Boosting your Readership
Week 3: Linking via listing on blog directories.
Week 4: Joining forums

I won Dominique's blog giveaway a while ago and part of the prize package was 5 guest post articles. I thought a topic that would benefit all of us would be how to build a blog that appeals to more visitors. Dominique jumped on it and has beautifully titled the series- 'Energize Your Blog' .

Feel free to leave any comments, questions, suggestions below each post.

Week 5- Juicing up your blog through Carnivals and Memes

Looking for a quick way to add a burst of traffic to your site? Drop links to your blog posts at Carnivals and Memes

Blog Carnivals are themed collections of posts which are posted on a periodical basis. During Carnivals, the host blog gathers posts from various bloggers and posts them together on a list for everyone to view. It is similar to doing a blog roll but more specific in nature as it is based on more focused topics like personal achievements or personal highlights.

A Blog Carnival is also a place where many Blog Carnivals are listed. You can join Blog Carnivals which may relate to what you are blogging about by clicking on the listings there. By adding your link to the Carnival you get your post listed among other great posts in the same topic.

Joining memes

There are many different memes on which you can write about. is a site that I visit weekly to join their Tackle-it-Tuesday and Wordless Wednesday memes. These memes have the highest rates of partipation as there are hundreds of links left weekly.

How can you get your post highly visible on the list ?

The trick is to get your link within the first 10 on the list and it will help to boost your visibility. I personally do Memes and have seen how they help boost traffic and encourage comments being left on my blog.

I too have created my own meme -Weekend Reflections where I write about my thoughts for the week. I invite you to join me every weekend and share your thoughts

Just leaving your link is not enough to boost your traffic. Coupled with commenting on several other blogs on that list, will increase linkage to your blog and you never know, you may be building up strong friendship bonds with other bloggers in the process.

Dominique Goh is an elementary school teacher, Mommy to 2 active little boys, cake decorator, internet consultant and the life behind 'Learning with Dominique' and her parenting site 'From Dominique's Desk'

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