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Who knew picking a headboard could be so hard? (A post)

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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: Who knew picking a headboard could be so hard? (A post)

Jun 28, 2011

Who knew picking a headboard could be so hard? (A post)

From all the beds I've ever slept in the one the one that has been the most comfortable is my mother's. There's just something about her's huge, cushioned in all the right places yet firm and very dramatic looking with it's solid dark wood headboard. Now our king size bed is still waiting for me to pick the right headboard (I admit I am very picky) and till I find just the right one, our bed will just have to look "un-glam"!

I have been window-headboard shopping online and have found a few I fancy, like this practical bookcase design....

But with 2 little ones who love flipping books I can picture how many times in a day I would be cleaning up book piles on the bed!

There is one design I've fallen head over heels with though, it's this gorgeous Merlot finish bookcase cum storage headboard.

Now that beats my Mommy's headboard any day but trying to get Hubby to accept the big chop out of the bank balance with this one will not be a walk in the I guess the search continues!

With all the designs out there it's hard to narrow down especially as I have found a few headboards that I like but sadly they're either headboards for queen size beds or headboards for full size beds.
To look on the positive side, atleast I'm sure that I want something with a 100% wood design. I'm not a tufted headboard person and prefer to stay away from the metal designs, so that narrows the search down a little!

I'm just glad that buying a headboard is not an annual task but if I don't find one for our bed soon, it might just end up being a year long task!

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