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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: "Nut"-urally Nutella! (MommyParties Buzz)

Mar 25, 2011

"Nut"-urally Nutella! (MommyParties Buzz)

What do you get when you find a room decorated with pink balloons and streamers, goody bags lined neatly on a small table close to a larger table laden with chocolate looking goodies of every kind?

Why a Nutella party ofcourse?

If you've never heard of Nutella before then believe me this IS your day!!

is a creamy-dreamy (couldn't resist that!) spread made with skim milk, a hint of cocoa and over 50 hazelnuts in a 13 oz. jar. It's a great (AND HEALTHY!) way to get your kids to gobble up a substantial breakfast, especially when smeared upon two slices of multi-grain bread, bagels or even waffles.

Party Buzz:

With a mix of Nutella Mommy believers, non believers and kids itching for anything chocolate based, you can be assured of a Spring Break gathering nothing short of fun.... and that's exactly what we had!

Bunny girl and I are devout Nutella fans, so my Nutella menu was easy to whip up.
Our "yummies" included:
  • Peanut Butter and Nutella sandwiches (a regular feature in Bunny girl's preschool snack box)
  • Store bought Chocolate Chip and Multi-Grain Waffles smeared with Nutella spread and made into a sandwich (another frequent breakfast favorite)
  • Nutella brownies (Easy peasy 4 ingredient recipe, thanks to Savory Sweet Life)
  • Nutella cookies (Big hit with the kids, thank you Christina for this simple but delicious 4 ingredient recipe)
  • Bowls of chopped up bananas and apples embracing a generous dip of Nutella in the center. (Bunny girl never liked apples, so this was how I first got to her to enjoy eating every crunchy slice up!) and
  • Mugs filled with Hot Nutella! (Hit white milk swirled with a heaped tablespoon of Nutella)

I love that we could all laugh together and enjoy each others company while brainstorming ideas that including using Nutella as cake frosting, cookie dips, carrot stick dips, in puddings and on wheat tortillas with sliced bananas.

Need more inspiration? Check out these great recipe ideas too. (Isn't it awesome to know we actually have a designated Nutella Day?!)

Needless to say we were all on a Nutella high at the end of it all and thanks to MommyParties, my bunch of Nutella believers and new converts left with goody bags that included a Nutella spread sample pack, a 1$ off coupon, a 'On The Go' travel mug, spread tip card and spread spreader.

** EBMR Disclaimer: MommyParties sponsored this fun party with a Nutella Party Kit. This post has not been monetarily compensated and is based on the views and opinions of my family and/or self. Please note that the opinions reflected in this post have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way.**

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