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And the Gift Goes On (Day 30...Final Day of Giving...Or Is It?)

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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: And the Gift Goes On (Day 30...Final Day of Giving...Or Is It?)

Nov 30, 2010

And the Gift Goes On (Day 30...Final Day of Giving...Or Is It?)

30-Day Giving Challenge

We're on Day 30 of the 30 Day Giving Challenge, i.e. officially the last day of the Challenge around the Blogosphere (For a recap on my 30 day challenge posts, click here).
My family (Bunny girl in particular) is a little sad that it has "come to an end".

Earlier this afternoon, we stopped by the Salvation Army center to drop off some of our Angel gifts. While there, we bumped into a Corps Officer who was excited to see Bunny girl enthusiastic about the 'Angel' mission. To encourage our little one, she has invited our family to join the Volunteers hand out gifts to the 'Angels' later in the month....what a wonderful experience that will be.

On our drive back, Bunny girl asked if we could continue doing "things like this" for the rest of the month and my heart did a little "Yippee" dance when I heard her and I realized that the past month has blessed and touched our family in a special way.
Our family has unanimously decided that we don't want to bring the Challenge to a close. We're going to keep our hearts open and allow God to direct us to help where and when we can.

We're already excited about our next giving project that involves blessing on those we often tend to take for granted. Our list includes our Fedex Delivery Guy, UPS delivery guy, Postman and our old Apartment Manager.
I remember doing something along these lines for the other Postman last year and I remember his eyes filled up with tears when Bunny girl gave him a small Christmas present and all he could say was "God bless you" over and over again.

As Hubby said, "it is important we keep our hearts sensitive and minds open to give when God puts a need in our path." So true. The challenge may have come to a close but it does not need to end for your family.
I pray that you will continue to GIVE as the Lord leads you to.
Jesus Love within us just has to be passed on....Yes, the Gift must go on!

This is the final (official) day of the 30 Day Giving Challenge but you can start your own personal challenge through the month/year. (For more information on the challenge click on this link to visit the site)

* You can also follow the 30 Day Giving Challenge on the 30 Day Giving Challenge Blog *

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