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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: Vaseline How I Love Thee....Let Me Count 10 Ways!

Oct 28, 2010

Vaseline How I Love Thee....Let Me Count 10 Ways!

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is one product every Mom has heard about, used on their babies, on themselves or even around the house. As a child growing up, I remember my grandfather used it ever so generously on his hair as his 'hair gel' alternative. So, for a very long time, I thought Vaseline was 'hair gel'....till I became 'Mommy 101'!

Here are 10 tested and tried uses for Vaseline.....(That's right can be used more than just hair gel! )
  1. When you're pregnant and your fingers get all swollen and those dainty rings you have on are cutting into your skin, apply a little Vaseline around the ring and ((swoosh)) you should have the rings slip right off.
  2. When we had a sliding door that got jammed back home, we couldn't find any oil lying around the house but we did find a little container filled with Vaseline and it did a great job of getting that door to slide functionally again.
  3. Oh and remember how annoying that creak in your child's closet door can get? Well till Handy Hubby finds the tools to fix that creak, grab some Vaseline and apply it generously over the hinges and Voila!...Peace again!
  4. I've used Vaseline to pry open lids and bottle caps that have just been vacuum sealed in over time. Yes it is a little bit of a pain to wash off the Vaseline later but atleast the lid/cap is off the bottle or container!
  5. I've also used Vaseline to moisturize areas on my face that dry up during the winter. Unlike moisturizing cream, Vaseline, I've noticed, leaves dry patches staying moist and fresh for a longer period of time. (This works great as long as you don't mind the oily feeling on portions of your face)
  6. When the cold spell hits our city, I still make sure Bunny girl goes out with a thin layer of Vaseline on her lips to leave it moist and prevent chapping. I prefer using Vaseline over lip gloss any day and yes we let her pretend she's wearing grown up lipstick that way!
  7. This is also great for diaper rash sores and cracked skin for babies especially as it doesn't sting raw skin.
  8. A lady I know also uses Vaseline to soften one's nails prior to soaking them in hot water, just before doing a pedicure. I've always found this to be very relaxing for my feet and I guess having someone else do your nails is always such a nice treat!
  9. The same lady also advised me to use a little Vaseline on my lips before running my lipstick over as it helps give your lipstick a slight sheen and last longer through the day.
  10. And finally in honor of my Grandpa, I just have to add this....YES! If you've forgotten to buy hair gel, you know what you can use as an alternative!!
Love it!

Every Mom has some 'Vaseline' tips up her sleeve. Do you have any I haven't listed? Well, me and the other Twitter Moms would love to read about them, so hurry and list your uses for Vaseline and link up your post, right here.

Buzz About Vaseline

Vaseline products are manufactured by Unilever, one of the world’s largest consumer products companies. With a 140-year heritage as America’s most trusted healthy skin expert and more than 30 years as a leading hand and body lotion, the Vaseline brand delivers products that meet the specific needs of consumers, no matter their life stage or lifestyle. The Vaseline Aloe Fresh line includes Vaseline Aloe Fresh Hydrating Lotion, Vaseline Aloe Fresh Protecting Lotion with SPF, and Vaseline Aloe Fresh Moisturizing Gel. All products in the line are designed to be light and leave skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. In addition to the Vaseline Lotions, the Vaseline family of products also features a complete line of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and lip balm products. All Vaseline products can be purchased at drug stores nationwide. For more information, visit

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