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Ten Fun Fall Activities

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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: Ten Fun Fall Activities

Oct 4, 2010

Ten Fun Fall Activities

At times you run out of ideas and creative ways to keep the little ones busy. Not only do you want them to have fun but you'd like them to enjoy the beauties of the season with simple yet memorable activities. Suzanne Beal has whipped up ten Fall Activities that will help you get through atleast the first several days of Fall with a big smile!


Ten Fun Fall Activities

1. Make a cup of cocoa. Nothing is as effective as battling chills than a taste of warm chocolate. Just ask them.

2. Create a leaf rubbing. Fall provides countless varieties of leaves. Place leaves under a sheet of paper and rub the top with crayon or chalk to create beautiful memories.

3. Get adventurous and go outdoors. Have a competition to see who can create the tallest mountain with fallen leaves. Want a little more fun? Have fallen leaf ball fights!

4. Read it now: One Leaf Rides the Wind. A single leaf opens the door to a visual extravaganza as a young girl explores a traditional Japanese garden.

5. Fall is a perfect time to visit an apple orchard. The benefits include homemade applesauce and apple pie – two seasonal favorites.

6. Stuff a Scarecrow. Bad news for birds, good news for those pants you haven’t worn since 1983.

7. It’s the simple things. A sensory walk outdoors will reveal the sight of changing leaves, the feel of crisp wind and the familiar scent of fall.

8. Let them play dress up. It’s a lot more fun than asking them to put on a sweater and the more layers they use the warmer they’ll be.

9. Staying in on a windy day? Check out Baby Genius’ Four Seasons, a DVD that pairs the classical music of Vivaldi with scenes from the natural world. Wind and rain have never felt so good.

10. Read it now: In On Our Way Home a Papa and baby cub’s walk through a fall forest reveals the magic of an autumn evening.

Suzanne Beal,
Editor-in-Chief and contributing writer at Little One Books

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