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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: 'Preparing for a Family Emergency' from the Joyful Organizer

Jul 14, 2009

'Preparing for a Family Emergency' from the Joyful Organizer

Bonnie Joy Dewkett is the founder of The Joyful Organizer, a company that focuses on bringing organization into any area thinkable. To read an introduction to The Joyful Organizer, visit
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Bonnie has kindly agreed to guest blog four great posts on the Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports to help readers all around the blogosphere. This is the third of four posts...Let's get joyfully organized!

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Everyone thinks that it will never happen to them. They will never be rushed to the hospital, nor will their family members need to be contacted in case of emergency. Well, think again. Even the healthiest family members can have an accident and need assistance. Here are some tips to help your friends and family take immediate action if your family is affected by a crisis.
  1. Have a cell phone entry for "In Case of Emergency" or ICE. Emergency medical personal will look for this first. Program in more than one if you can. You can call them ICE 1, ICE 2, and so on. Also, carry a card in your wallet/purse with any medications that may cause you to have an allergic reaction. Have the names and numbers of family members you would like to have contacted if you are unable to do so yourself.
  2. Have a phone sheet at your home or give it to family members in advance. This sheet should include anyone needed to care for your home or children, including their schools' telephone numbers. This will make it easier for anyone taking care of your kids and/or home to do so.
  3. Keep a small travel kit ready for each family member. If you are hospitalized your family members can bring this to the hospital for you. If your children need to go stay with a family member, they will be ready to go quickly and easily.
  4. If you are out running, playing tennis, etc, use a shoe or bracelet identification system. This should include names and numbers of those you want to be contacted first. Tell your family members you are putting their names on your identification. Road ID ( offers a service that will also house your medical information.
  5. Know your medical history. If you are on medications, know their name and dose. Go to the doctor regularly, and pay attention to key health numbers - Blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, etc. Providing emergency personnel an idea of your “normal” levels and general health condition will help them determine what is wrong.
  6. Can't remember your medications and health history? Don't worry! You can create yourself a mini cheat sheet on the computer. Type it up, shrink the font, and tuck it in your wallet. You can do the same for your kids too and put it in their backpacks.
  7. Contact your kids' schools about what the action steps they would take in case of emergency. Also, make sure a family member (with proper identification) can pick up your children in case you are unable to.
  8. Talk to your family members. Devise a plan about who would take care of children, who will be responsible for calling other family members, etc. Having a plan in place will help a stressful situation go much more smoothly.
  9. Don't be afraid to ask for help! If you need assistance, ask for it! Family members, school teachers, and friends will all step up and help you in an emergency situation. Don't suffer because you are worried about taking up someone else's time.
  10. Make copies of your address book. Many phone and handheld address books will allow you to make print-outs. Having at least one other family member with a copy to make calls on your behalf if you are hospitalized.

Bonnie Joy Dewkett
The Joyful Organizer, LLC
© Copyright The Joyful Organizer, LLC 2007

(Bonnie can be contacted for a personal consultation on the above number/email address.)

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