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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: Daddy's little girl.

May 3, 2009

Daddy's little girl.

In an earlier post I mentioned I am an over protective hen when it comes to Bunny girl but in our family it doesn't stop there. Hubby is two notches over me when it comes to being protective about his little sunshine...I'm just a fraction, in comparison! Hubby and Bunny girl share a special bond. Bunny girl truly is Daddy's Pearl, his little girl, his all. It's a relationship I love and thank God for each time I see both together.

We've never really left Bunny girl alone at home with friends or family for over 2 hours but yesterday we decided we needed to let her Granddad and Aunt watch her as we had to attend a presentation for 3 hours. Needless to say Bunny girl did great and had fun with her Aunt and overall I was thrilled even though she didn't take her afternoon nap. On the other hand the little Princess' daddy was a bundle of nerves.

Leaving the house, Hubby asked that I stand outside and listen lest there be any tears. Few seconds later the door opened and there stood a beaming Bunny girl waiting to 'wave us off' ! She even came all the way to the carpark with her Aunt to say goodbye. All the way to our destination(about half an hour's drive away) Hubby kept checking his mobile and the only one instant it rang he flipped it out with the precision of a cowboy drawing out a pistol .....superfast! He checked the number and said "Oh...not them." Just a friend.

At the end of the presentation we spent a little time talking to the host and once we crossed 4.30pm I knew Hubby was just itching to leave. We managed to graciously make our exit and I was hurried to the car as we were late. "Late for what?" I asked curious as there weren't any other plans we had that I was aware of. He said he promised Bunny girl he'd be back by the time she got up from a nap , we were late and she would notice. I said she wouldn't, she was too young to know. My explanation fell on deaf ears and Hubby drove back as if our lives depended on it ( but within speed limits ofcourse. We're not fans of speeding tickets, no siree no!)and got back in 20 minutes flat.

Opened the door to the apartment and there on the couch sat a very tired Granddad, a while later emerged a pooped Aunt followed by a bundle of giggles, grins and energy, Bunny girl! She skipped her nap, had an afternoon of fun and missed us just a bit.

Being three I was sure she wouldn't really notice us being late but her Granddad said a few minutes before we stepped in she did ask where we were and was told we were on our way back home. Bunny girl listened, accepted the response and then settled back to play. Her Daddy was right. She did notice.

As a treat for being good Hubby promised to get her a ball- she has a collection of balls and I guess they're to feed her tom-boy persona. So after dinner, Daddy and his little Princess stopped at Walmart and returned to the car with the reward....of all things a black and white football! (My little girl loves FOOTBALLS!!!)As soon as she got home both father and daughter spent a while playing with the ball before getting ready to bed. As soon as the lights were switched off Bunny girl rolled over and gave each of us a big hug and said " I love you Mama" "I love you Dada" She was happy. All was good in her little world and her Daddy too gently snored in agreement.

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At June 6, 2009 at 2:05 AM , Blogger E said...

Ah........what a beautiful heart-warming report of a loving father and his beautiful little daughter..Daddy's girl, Daddy's Pearl as described well...May the bond continue to deepen as that extra special relationship will always hold darling Bunny girl right through her life . Beautiful picture of father and daughter, Bunny girl being enveloped in her Dada's love..


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