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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: Sense-ational Bunny Boo!

Jan 12, 2010

Sense-ational Bunny Boo!

Hubby had to go out of town for 4 days and just got back home 5 hours ago. It was well past 11 and even though Bunny girl has school tomorrow she was insistent she see and hug Dada before she went to bed.

While reading to Bunny girl on the couch, I heard a car door slam shut and thought it could be Hubby or maybe the neighbors. (As you know, we stay in an apartment so there's always traffic outside our windows!) I continued to read to my eager listener. A second later I felt Bunny Boo kick vigorously several times in the womb and immediately after that the doorbell was Hubby!

I'm telling you I seriously believe Bunny Boo sensed Daddy was nearing the doorstep and I'm so sure our little womb inhabitant kicked out a jig inside knowing that Dada was finally home!


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At January 12, 2010 at 3:38 PM , Blogger Terri said...

How sweet! I bet you're right that Bunny Boo was excited that Daddy was home and was doing a little jig! :-)
By the way, I love your Bunny Girl and Waiting for Baby Boo time charts in left column. So cute!

At January 21, 2010 at 8:40 PM , Blogger Renee said...

That is so special and sweet :)


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