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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: Mama NOT Bunny girl!!

Mar 22, 2009

Mama NOT Bunny girl!!

Its been over a week now that Bunny girl walks around emphatically stating that she isn't Bunny girl, she's Mama ( to her Cinderella doll and her plush Simba) and last night before bed, she proudly arrived with a bump that extended from her neck to her torso. She happily gave us the wonderful news that she had a "Baby" in her tummy and it was tickling. We asked who was in and she quietly whispered "Dumbo and a cloth"! (Ahhh....such bliss to know we will hear the pounding of elephant feet in our home!)

We played along till it was close to bedtime, when she announced excitedly that she AND the baby in her stomach would be going to church the next morning. The look on our faces was priceless! Knowing discouragement would result in possible tears, we agreed and got our child 'with child' to brush her teeth and get into bed.

Minutes before lights out, after much thought and consideration, a tiny voice announced quietly "The baby is going to come out now"and out came Dumbo and in jumped a sleepy 3 year old who realized sleeping with a 'baby'(and cloth) inside wasn't going to be as comfortable after all!......Sigh if only things were as easy in real life!!!!!



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