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Have your kids ever begged for bunk beds? (A post)

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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: Have your kids ever begged for bunk beds? (A post)

Jun 4, 2011

Have your kids ever begged for bunk beds? (A post)

Growing up I always thought a bunk bed would be fun. Sadly my sister and I never did have one (I guess our parents thought there would be sleepless nights debating who would get the bunk on top!) and you may think this sounds crazy but I really did ask Hubby to consider putting one in our guest room! (I'm sure you can picture the look of absolute shock on his face when he heard those words tumble out of my mouth!)
Since that eager proposal was squashed down as quickly as it flew out, I'm now impatiently waiting for Bunny girl and Bunny Boo to grow older to beg ask for a bunk bed.

Practically this would be a great option considering the space we'd save. Plus have you seen the classy full over full bunk beds they have out there?

What a change from the options we had as kids. Will you believe that I even found a bunk bed with a slide attached to it?!

I'm sure if we had this in our home, Bunny girl would be pleading to go to bed by 3pm!

If you are scouting out bunk bed and bunk bed mattress options, check out the vast selection on the site. I'm sure you will have just as much fun as the kids while picking out the right set for their room.

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