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5 tips for editing digital photos for blog posts

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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: 5 tips for editing digital photos for blog posts

Nov 23, 2010

5 tips for editing digital photos for blog posts

Now since I author a review blog, there are many times I've had to take photographs involving my 2 little ones that feature there face profiles. Being the over-protective Mama Hen, I make sure my photographs feature the products being showcased but not my family.

I personally love working on my pictures on Picasa as it is, to put it simply, easy peasy! So here are 5 tips I have to help you edit your photographs (if you blog and are overprotective like me):

1. I think my favorite photo editing tool of all is the simple 'CROP' tool! I get to choose if I want to crop my photographs in a standard photograph size (in case I plan to print the photographs later) or a random size.

In my original photograph Bunny girl's beaming face features but in the review post, I've ensured that I've cropped her face out

2. Now there are a few pictures that just look weird if I crop heads off, so the next best option is the 'Soft Focus' tool a.k.a. the 'Blur' tool.

Wow! I was huge with Bunny Boo at 38 weeks. So yes, my face just had to be there in this photograph to show you how big my baby bump was in proportion, thus the '"Blur, Blur, Blur away" need!

3. If you are the artistic sorts, like my sister is, play around with tools like 'Shadow', 'Color Temperature', 'Sharpen' and 'Film Grain' . You will be able to transform an ordinary photograph into a gorgeous piece like this.

4. If you're looking for something simple, just use the 'Focal Black and White' tool to highlight important parts in your photographs.

and if you are willing to get a little more adventurous, use the 'Focal Black and White' tool, with 'Soft Focus' and 'Film Grain' to get an effect like this....

5. Finally, do your little bit of protecting the beautiful photographs you take with a little help from Paint.Net.

I generally place my blog url on all my photographs. Now that doesn't guarantee that they won't be used on other sites/blogs but atleast I know my 'seal' is on the photograph.

Are you a pro with photo-editing? Do you have some simple tips to share with learning photo-editors like me? Draw up a blog post with your 5 tips for editing and creating beautiful digital photo projects and hop over to share them with other Twitter Moms.

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