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Six fun family vacation activites Bunny girl loves

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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: Six fun family vacation activites Bunny girl loves

May 18, 2010

Six fun family vacation activites Bunny girl loves

When the forthcoming summer holidays come around Bunny girl has a few things on her mini list that she plans to do. Considering she's only 4, this mini list was generated as a result of some of her summer fun last year and prompted by the latest Twitter Moms and Williamsburg Tourism campaign. (Would you like to join in the campaign fun too? Just click this link to find out how you too can be a part of the fun 'Blog Vacation Activities Hop')

1. Shamu, here we come!

No vacation is ever complete without a visit to Sea World. Somehow my little Bunny refuses to tire of seeing the same shows, doing the same things at Sea World. Somehow Shamu (The killer whale), Clyde, Seymour (the sealions), Uncle Max (the walrus) and the dolphins are a must do on her list. Last year we clinched a great deal for an annual member ship. This year we're hoping to find a deal better than the 'buy a kids ticket for only 5$ when you buy an adult's ticket at regular price' especially as we know visiting Sea World just cannot be a once in a year pilgrimage for Bunny girl!

2. Enroll in the local reading programs

I guess you can't really consider this a vacation activity but in our family it's something that just has to be done with summer rolling in. Bunny girl is crazy about books and I'm just waiting for her to begin reading independently. Ever since she was 2, we'd enroll her into the local summer reading programs and she loved the little treats and fun events she'd get to attend as a result of completing the reading lists for that vacation.

3. Splish-Splash!

What vacation is ever complete without a dip in the pool! This summer we plan to enroll our little swimmer for swimming lessons. She can manage well in the water but I think as parents we'd prefer for her to undergo some professional training just so that our parental nerves can rest a bit!!

4. Pair education and fun even on a vacation.

Now that our preschooler is a little older she has begun to take an interest to 'learning trips' not just to vacations but also to nature parks and the zoo especially as she's crazy about animals and being outdoors. I just wish our local zoo was in town as I would have loved to put her in to the 'Animal Ambassador' program and allow her to interact with animals on a weekly basis and learn more about various creatures, both big and small.

5. Develop a new hobby/learning a new sport

I think this summer our little one is ready to learn an instrument (my heart's desire!) or learn a new sport (Hubby's heart's desire!). Most local communities organize sports camps and music camps to develop the interest for a new hobby/sport in young ones. I love that the fees are moderately priced to allow parents to enlist their little ones into the program and test out to see if they really have an aptitude for that particular hobby/instrument /sport. We'd really love for her to take up something she'd enjoy and not something we want her to enjoy.

6. Attend Vacation Bible School

This is something Bunny girl loves as she gets to learn fun songs, learn Bible stories, work on some great crafts and get to meet lots of new kids her age. This year as she's a little older, she will have the opportunity to attend a few more Vacation Bible Schools in our area. I just wish they had these spaced out over the summer and not just focussed in the month of June.

I can't wait for summer to roll in as this vacation will be packed with some fun activities and an additional bonus will be having Bunny Boo with us and my Mommy and Sister spending the summer with us. Yippee!!

** EBMR Disclaimer: “I wrote this blog post while participating in the Williamsburg Tourism and TwitterMoms blogging program for a chance to get a $50 gift card. For more information on how you can participate, click here.” **

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