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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: Will YOU help change the lives of these women?

Mar 26, 2010

Will YOU help change the lives of these women?

Will YOU help make a difference in the lives of these beautiful South African women?
They're women just like you and me with families to love and care for, families to support and children to feed.
The only difference is they live in a place that battles under the clutches of HIV/Aids, poverty and unemployment.

Thanks to an awesome organization called Beaded Hope these women have been given the opportunity to provide for their families through the age old art of bead making.

Beaded Hope campaigns to bring joy into the lives of these women and sustenance to their families through the 'Bead Project'.

There are 2 ways you can help.....

1. Look through the Beaded Hope store and buy beautiful pieces of jewelry made by the women, T-shirts, stationery and other gifts.
Purchase atleast a minimum order of 15 US$ from the Beaded Hope store as 15 US$ can help feed 2 people in a family.

2. Vote for my buddy Lana from I Love My 5 Kids in the Little Remedies Contest.
If Lana wins the contest, she will be donating 500 US$ to Beaded Hope.

I'd love to see Lana win this to help support this awesome cause. Will you help too?

Hop on over to this link and cast your vote. You can vote DAILY. If even half of my followers vote every day we can get that 500$ over to Beaded Hope.

So what are you waiting for.....

Thanks for helping!

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