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35 Days and Counting! (Back to School Carnival Summary)

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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: 35 Days and Counting! (Back to School Carnival Summary)

Sep 4, 2009

35 Days and Counting! (Back to School Carnival Summary)

I should have changed my button to read "More than a month full of giveaways and added September on too...oh time!"

Wow!!! We're on day 35...only 5 more days for the Carnival to end but the reviews and giveaways will still go on....on public demand!


Not really sure if you've entered all the giveaways yet? Well, here's the list. Click the link to go to the ones you haven't entered yet. Do enter all of them only because you never know which one you may win! :>

(I will keep adding to this list as each giveaway goes live. Makes it easier to use as your reference base OR you can use the list on the right, in the margin.)

Day 16: Eebee (9/5)
Day 17: It's A Girl Thing! (9/5)
Day 18: Child to Cherish (9/5)
BONUS: Neat Solutions Inc.-Potty Toppers (9/5)
Day 19: Happy Green Bee (9/5)
BONUS: Barney, Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam DVDS (9/5)
Day 20: BIZCard (9/5)
Day 21: The Couponizer (9/5)
BONUS: The Cheesy Adventures of Capt. Mac-A-Roni (9/5)
Day 22: Nimli (9/5)
Day 23: Zhu Zhu pets (9/12)
Day 24: Warmables (9/12)
BONUS: PakNak (9/12)
Day 25: Skin Free (9/12)
Day 26: Memoir of Me (9/12)
Day 27: Zutano (9/12)
Day 28: DreamSacks (9/12)
BONUS: How to Photograph Your Baby DVD (9/12)
Day 29: Zojirushi Bento (9/12)
Day 30: See Kai Run (9/19)
Day 31: Amy Knapp's Christian Family Organizer (9/19)
Day 32: (9/19)
BONUS: Elmo's 'All About Faces' DVD (9/19)
Day 33: The Jesus Storybook Bible (9/19)
BONUS: Barney's 'Jungle Friends' DVD (9/19)
Day 34: Temple Touch thermometer (9/19)
Day 35: Simple Green Naturals (9/19)

Don't forget the Food Fest Giveaway from September 7-13th

Hop around the Blogosphere through the Linky and enter some more great contests. Blog giveaways are the best place to win stuff....take it from me! (Proof!) My latest win has been on 5 minutes for mom - won a Lands' End eco friendly backpack and lunchpack...Yay!

MckLinky Blog Hop

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At September 5, 2009 at 8:59 AM , Blogger Shelley said...

Hello Marina!

What you are giving away for the 9/4 blog hop?


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