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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: 'Twas the day after Thanksgiving

Nov 27, 2009

'Twas the day after Thanksgiving

'Twas a few minutes after Thanksgiving and early that morn
We had a battle plan in action to conquer the mall
Despite a heavy dinner with turkey and the works
We pushed ourselves out as Bunny girl and Grandma slept, oblivious to the world.

So dressed in our warmies and with a cuppa in hand,
We stood with several other clowns as adventurous and mad.

Our plan was simple, first run to the Disney Store
Get Bunny girl her Christmas prezzie before the 'Princesses' were sold
The crowd was not crazy and Hubby thankfully outran more than just a few
To stand right in front of a line that just slowly but steadily grew!

Our mission was successful with the prezzies in hand,
We slunk back home to catch a shut eye...ha, that was some plan!
While Hubby slept for 2 hours, I restlessly ran through more ads
And finalized my nth battle plan and then woke up my man.

Once again we headed out, in the cold and the night
To hit JC Penney, Walmart, and a few other stores before bright
The thin crowds in the mall shocked us to no end
As we expected a trample through the doors when we went.

To make a long story short, we spent hours out first just as two
Then Bunny girl and Grandma decided to join the crew
Our happy jing-bang did all we set out to do
We got everything that our list held and some additional stuff too!

Stuffed bags, aching limbs, tired feet and sore throats silently remind
Us of a day that was filled with store hopping, deal clinching and great finds
Feeling accomplished, I'm happy to proclaim
"We went, we saw and we conquered once again!"

P.S. Hope your Thanksgiving was just as special as ours and your Black Friday adventure an absolute success!!

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At November 27, 2009 at 8:20 PM , Blogger katy said...

I love the poem! It sounds like you had a great shopping trip.

At December 5, 2009 at 7:41 AM , Blogger confused homemaker said...

I like that you put it into poem form! You are also a brave woman. I cannot do day after Thanksgiving shopping. My patience level is not high enough.

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!


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