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Trendy shopping for little ones clothes (Without breaking the bank!)

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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: Trendy shopping for little ones clothes (Without breaking the bank!)

Sep 11, 2009

Trendy shopping for little ones clothes (Without breaking the bank!) are you the sort who just has to buy that cute onesie with the cute duckie motif in pink? Or when you go to a store, you run over to the toddlers clothing section to check out the cutest must buys your baby should have? If you are then.....CHING CHING CHING!!....that means you will have a sticky money situation if you don't do something NOW!
It's time to smell the coffee ladies!!!

Generally while shopping for kids, especially under the age of 5 we think "Awwwww, this looks cute and wow, it's only 5 bucks a shirt" and whoosh 5 shirts in 5 different colors get thrown into your shopping cart. Once you get home you admire your loot pleased as punch.... but at the end of the month while tabulating your statements you realize "OUCH! "you bought a whole bunch of tops from different stores because they were cheap and now adding the figures up you actually spent close to 200$ in shirts for your 2 years old son, who is anyway not going to fit into any of them in 2 months time!! Sound familiar?

I'm not saying you need to stop shopping...I'm just saying there's a way to shop....the frugal way....the BEST WAY!!! All it needs is a little restraint, a little planning, a little creativity and 1-2-3 you will be all set to go!

# 1- Pretend you are a horse with blinders whenever you pass by a super cute attire for your little one, walk RIGHT PAST IT! That's right! Walk right past it if it is full price on the stand! (This is where restraint needs to come in!)

# 2- Buy clothes on sale...I know that's easy AND buy clothes off season....hmmm...HARD!! This needs a little planning. You will need to buy winter clothes in spring, spring clothes in summer and know what I mean! I have bought awesome branded clothes for Bunny girl that have cost 24$ full price, off season at just 3.75$. When you buy off season, you will notice stores start with 10% off and then it slowly moves to 25% the next week, then 50%, 75% and some stores even go up to 90%....Woo-hoo! (While you're out shopping, don't forget those store coupons...combine them with sale prices for super, sweet savings deals!)

# 3- Buy clothes that preferably mix and match. That way your child has a ton of permutations and combinations and each look is just as trendy and chic as the last. Get your designer streak and believe me you will surprise yourself!!

3 easy, implementable steps to making sure your little one is still dressed to the nines but at a price that will have you smiling to the bank!

Want a push in the right direction? Gap Outlet is having a savings sale from September 11-24! Their clothes for little ones adorable!!
(Check out the GAP outlet widget on the right hand margin, below Beauty Tips.

"You will find irresistible prices on clothes for newborns, infants, and toddlers upto 5 years old." (Find your local store from over 200 GAP Outlet stores throughout the US and Canada)

And wait!! There's even a 10% savings coupon you can use to cut the prices upto 40% and more! The Twitter Moms have some more great savings tips out at this link. Bunny hop over and SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! (You can also follow Gap Outlet on twitter to get more on the savings scoop!!!)

This post was encouraged for the Gap Outlet Promotion hosted by the Twitter Moms and Gap....check details on how you can win a 20$ Gap Outlet giftcard... if you love Gap...hurry and enter!

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