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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: Fun stuff happening around the Blogosphere

Sep 23, 2009

Fun stuff happening around the Blogosphere

That's right!! The Blogosphere is abuzz with activity, great deals, fun prizes and awesome giveaways galore! It seems like there's stuff to be won everywhere.....I love it!

1. September 23, 2009 (Thursday) there's going to be a big Twitter party from 9pm to 10pm ET to support and encourage Childhood Literacy. This is a joint venture between Jumpstart and Walmart called 'Read for the Record'.

There's lots you can do to help-visit the Resourceful Mommy link to read more and sign up y'all!! Kids all over need to be literate!

Back to the Twitter loot......tweet about the campaign using the hashtag #Jumpstart from 8am ET and every 100th tweet using the #Jumpstart hashtag will win......

A limited edition of Eric Carle's 'A very hungry caterpillar'. (This is an awesome book. I still remember reading this as a child!) This is the best part of all...there will be 500 winners!!

Hop on over to Resourceful Mommy and RSVP!

2. How would you like to have your child wear his/her own art? With Poloppo this can be a reality! I'm so excited to be one of the first to let you know that you can now receive a FREE Iphone wallpaper of your child's art along with every new T-Me Direct kit purchased. (Your kid draws the artwork and then you send it back to Poloppo to have the artwork printed on a Tshirt- how cool is that?) The kit retails for 29.50 US$. This will make a great gift as well!

P.S. One of you will have a chance to win a Poloppo kit in October right here on the blog. (It would have been sooner but I've just been so picky on finding my favorite artwork by Bunny girl to get her Tee done!!)

3. Finally, I know many of my readers have some awesome giveaways going on at their Blogs and you really want to get the word out. Well, why don't you add your giveaways on the 'Tuesday's Treasures' Giveaway Linky right here on my blog. While adding your giveaway, don't forget to hop around and enter the other giveaways on the Linky. There's so much fun stuff to win!!

Before I sign off I just have to add that I have so many great giveaways lined up for the month of October. For the record it's not a Halloween thing...I don't like Halloween and don't encourage it around any of the kids I know especially Bunny girl. Let's just say there will be a bunch of awesome prizes to celebrate cooler weather with the coming of Fall....Yay!!

For this month, well I still have all this great stuff to giveaway, (click on the pictures to view more details).....

and more!!!

So stay tuned and don't forget, some of these giveaways end this Saturday or Sunday and over 20 winners will be HURRY!!

BTSC Giveaways
Day 37: Happy Panda (9/26)
Day 38: PlasmaCar (9/26)
Day 39: Wahl Color Pro Hair cutting kit (9/26)
Day 40: Beamz (9/26)

Food Fest Giveaways
#1- Dei Fratelli Pasta Sauce (9/27)
#2- EcoUsable bottles (9/27)
#3- Zen Soy Organic Pudding (9/27)
#4- Kusmi Tea (9/27)
#5- Yokids and Yobaby (9/27)
#6- Mollicoolz (9/27)
#7- Sweetstacks (9/27)

A Whole Buncha Giveaways
* Thomas & Friends 'Hero of the Rails' dvd (9/26)
* Families of the Bible book (9/26)
* Grandloving (10/3)
* momAgenda (10/3)
* Mabel's labels (10/3)
* Kidorable (10/3)
* Aurora World, Inc. (10/3)
* Creativity for Kids (10/3)
* Babysitting SugarPaw (10/3)
* Smile Essentials package (10/3)
* 'The Marvelous Toy' book (10/10)
* Mighty Putty, Mighty MendIt (10/10)
* Johnson's Baby Gift Basket (10/10)
* Strawberry Shortcake Movie: 'The Sky's the Limit' (10/10)
* UPrinting Vinyl Banner Giveaway (10/10)
* Buffalo Games-Likewise!(10/10)

P.S.Another fun place I find more great giveaways is on Twitter. Are you on Twitter? I am! ( I am yet to become 'Tweet savvy' though. As of now I just 'tweet out' the giveaway(s) for the day and do a few re-tweets, that's all!

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