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Target Trip: Spent 5.80$, saved 38$

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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: Target Trip: Spent 5.80$, saved 38$

Jul 8, 2009

Target Trip: Spent 5.80$, saved 38$

Did a quick trip to Target, after a stop at the library for the story session- so it had to be quick as Bunny girl and I had been out for over two hours and its HOT here!!!

Bought all this stuff for 5.80$ and not a cent more. Savings: 38$.

I will give you a break down to help you replicate the great buys, where possible...

The Black shorts were on clearance: 75 cents!!

Capri Sun Value Pack of 20-Lemonade : 2.44$ (original price 4.99$)
Minus 1$ off coupon (received in a coupon trade through Hot Coupon World.)
Paid: 1.44$

Duncan Hines Cake Mixes (Have recently developed a love for baking. I'm not yet adventurous enough to try a cake from scratch so Duncan Hines assists me when a cake is required!) price at 1.04$ per box
Minus 50 cents off Duncan Hines Baking Products (Target Coupon)-these expire on the 18th of this month so hurry and stock up. This is the best price I've seen per box so far.
Paid: 54 cents a box

Duncan Hines frosting: 1.47$ each
Minus 50 cents off Duncan Hines Baking Products (Target Coupon)
Paid: 97 cents each

Ragu Pasta Sauce: 1.52 each
Minus 1$ off 2 coupon from Bricks (Firefox or Internet Explorer)
Price paid for 2 bottles: 2.04 $

Digiorno Flatbread Melts: 2.79$
Minus a coupon to try it for FREE (Got this for a sign up on their site over a month ago)
Paid: 0$

4 Dreyers Icecreams(mini packs): 1.19$ each
Minus the 1$ off Target coupon -these expire on the 14th of this month so hurry and stock up especially all of you in there sweltering hot states!.
Price paid per container: 19 cents
(This is a neat price especially as they have a yum Mint chocolate flavor that is really good!)

Olay Quench Travel size : 97 cents
Minus 1$ off coupon (from a mailer for any Olay face product)
Paid: 0$ + 3 cents overage

Purell hand sanitizers: 1.37$ each
Minus 60 cents each from Bricks ( Firefox or Internet Explorer)
Paid: 77 cents each
Printed off this coupon before rushing out to the library. Didn't realize it was for 60 cents off plus noticed the Purell I picked up wasn't the travel size one, when I got back home and checked the receipt. Oh well! Purell Sanitizers are never a waste especially with little ones around!!

Kashi cereals: 2.66$ each
Minus 1.50$ coupons for each box- from Bricks (Firefox or Internet Explorer)
Minus 1 BOGO Kashi Target coupon
Minus 1 50 cents Kashi Target coupon
Paid: 0$ + 84 cents overage

Nexcare 8 count bandaids(Pixar Cars and Disney Princesses) 1.02$ each
Minus 1$ off coupons from Nexcare
Paid: 4 cents for 2 packs

Plus Bunny girl picked up a Tinkerbell book with stickers for 50 cents from the dollar aisle.(Most of the 1$ things were put on 50% black dot clearance.)......Hmmmm, she's learning to find a good deal young!

Came home hot, tired and pooped but happy with the buys for the day. More shopping soon :>

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