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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: July 2009

Jul 31, 2009

Back to School Carnival starts tomorrow-August 1!

40 days of reviews and giveaways start tomorrow....that's read that perfectly well....40 DAYS!!! The total value of the prizes has already crossed the 500$ mark and I'm still trying to put an accurate value on it all! I've decided I'll just let you know how much each prize values on each's easier that way...whew!

The rules for entry will basically be the same for each giveaway but make sure you read through each one, just to play safe!

These 5 additional methods of entry will stay the same for each giveaway:

- 1. Subscribe to my blog (remember you need to activate the subscription if you subscribe via email) or Follow my blog & leave a comment stating that you subscribe or follow.

- 2. Blog about this giveaway (leave a comment with a link to your blog post)

- 3. Add the link to this giveaway on a Mr Linky on a blog giveaway site, forum, carnival. (leave a comment with the link)

-4. Snag my blog button (the cute little bunny on the right!) and leave a comment with the link

- 5. Snag the Back to School Carnival button (the cute little bunny on the left!) and leave a comment with the link

Do spread the 'Buzz', snag the button and post it around the blogosphere. The Carnival starts tomorrow.....yippee!!! We can finally say TOMORROW!!!...Yay!!!

P.S. Everyone who left me a comment on this post will get an immediate entry into the first giveaway tomorrow. Thanks again for helping win the big Cozi prize!

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Triumphant Target trip 7/29

Did quite a detailed trip down to Target 2 days ago, armed with my coupons and must pick up deals on my list. I will highlight the deals you can replicate with the easily accessible list of coupons. Some of the deals coupons I had clipped in my coupon holder, so don't really remember the source..sorry!

My Target Triumph on 7/29:
  1. 1 Packet of Baked Lays Chips (On sale for 2.50$ had a 1$ off Baked Lays coupon clipped + 50 cents off :Target coupon)
  2. 2 Kelloggs Pop Tart boxes ( deal details below)
  3. 1 Honey Kix Cereal box (coupon for a free box- from a Blog giveaway win)
  4. Pillsbury Brownie Mix(clearanced to 1.38$-no coupons for this)
  5. 10 WW Smart Ones Frozen Food Meals (deal details below)
  6. 1 WW Smart Ones dessert (Free dessert coupon when you buy 4 Smart Ones- not sure where I got this from...think it was All You's Magazine- a great coupon source. I subscribed to this only for the coupons!!)
  7. 2 Kashi Waffles boxes (deal details below)
  8. 1 large Tropicana Juice-2.84 ltrs (coupon for a free Tropicana upto 4.99$ -from a Tropicana sign up on the Web 2 months ago)
  9. 4 Breyers Yogurt with Oreo pieces (deal details below)
  10. 2 Nexcare Disney Princess Bandaids (deal details below)
  11. 1 Palmolive dish detergent (1$ minus the 25 cents coupon I had clipped)
  12. Rose Art 8 count paint set (on sale for 50 cents)
  13. 1 18 oz box of Rice Krispies (coupon for a free box from Vocalpoint)

In total I bought 28 products, paid 9.17$ and saved 65.37$. Best of all the Target card I used was a 50$ card we got from redeeming rewards, so in effect we got all of this free ;>

Break up of the deals you can replicate:

Weight Watchers Smart Ones :

Buy 10 Weight Watchers @ 1.80$ each: 18$ total
Minus 10 1$ Target coupons
Minus 4$ off 10 Smart Ones coupon from this link
(You will need to click yes for the "I'd like to hear about product news and future offers from HJ Heinz", to access the coupon)
Total you wil pay for 10 Smart Ones: 4$ only!

Kelloggs Pop Tarts:

Buy 2 Kelloggs Pop Tarts (8 in a box)@ 1.52$ each
Minus 2 55 cents off coupon from this link (FF or IE)-can be printed twice
Minus 2 75 cents off Target coupon
Total you will pay for 2 Kelloggs Pop Tarts: 44 cents only!

Kashi Waffles:

Buy 2 Kashi waffles boxes @ 1.74$ each (This price may vary store to store)
Minus 2 1.50$ off a box coupon from Vocalpoint's site
Minus 2 25 cents off a box Target coupon
Total you will pay for 2 boxes of Kashi waffles: 8 cents only!

Breyers yogurt:

Buy 4 Breyers yogurt @ 52 cents each:
Minus 2 1$ off 2 any Breyers product coupons from
Total you will pay for 4 cups of yogurt: 8 cents only!

Nexcare Bandaids (8 assorted):

Buy any number of Nexcare 8 assorted waterproof bandaids packs (you can find there in the travel size products aisle) @ 1.02$ each (This price may vary store to store)
Minus the 1$ off any Nexcare product from the site. (This coupon does not have a print limit)
Total you will pay per pack: 2 cents only!

There are more Target deals out there for this week. Visit Attention Target Shoppers and Hip2Save for more deals. These 2 sites are my picks for the best Target finds each week.

P.S. The Buzz is Target's toys clearance is on full swing. Some stores have already marked down to 75%. Go check yours's good to stock up for birthdays and Christmas now!

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Jul 30, 2009

Countdown!!: Only 1 day to go

1 more day...that's it! Saturday will soon be here.....the Carnival will soon be here!! Let me give you one last sniff to save you from any further torture (;>)

Here's the last sniff you will get...

You know what Bunny girl and I absolutely adore, right? Well, would any Carnival we host be complete without these featured? We have some great picks. I'm excited about each and every one of them. I wish I could tell you more will just need to wait a teensy bit longer! ;>

Oh and for the kiddos there's much more fun stuff, so don't forget to spread the 'Buzz', snag the button and post it around the blogosphere. The Carnival will soon be here....and these special prezzies will be in there somewhere!!

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Guess what I found in my library?

Guess what I found a few days ago, in our local library?

This.....Remember Asterix and Obelix? I loved their comics as a child so it was a treat to find half a shelf full of comics at the library. Borrowed two for a light weekend read.

Bunny girl found the books on top of the coffee table and immediately skimmed through the pages and asked.....

"Is this a David and Goliath story?"

Through the eyes of a child!

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Jul 29, 2009

New winner for the Pingo 5$ calling card giveaway.


48 hours have passed since we announced the winners for the Pingo 5$ giveaway. I have not heard from TZel, so I have had to pick another winner. has picked #4 - Cathy@ Chief Family Officer

* If any winner does not get back to me 48 hours after his or her name has been posted/ emailed, I will pick a new winner

* All winners are chosen using the generator.

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Winner: 60$ IBW giveaway


You've won the 60$ IBW giveaway

#12 - Ticia who said
"I'd choose the preschool set. Though it is a close toss-up right now"

* If any winner does not get back to me 48 hours after his or her name has been posted/ emailed, I will pick a new winner

* All winners are chosen using the generator.

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Wordful Wednesday- Bunny girl and books

Bunny loves books. Hmmmm.... that actually sounds like an understatement. Let me borrow this phrase from another mommy blogger.....Bunny girl 'hearts' books....there that's better! Give her a book and she'll be thrilled (Ok, let me stand corrected...give her a Disney princess anything and she will also be thrilled!).

About 2 weeks ago, our local library had their Annual Summer Reading Pizza Carnival and Bunny girl was invited. They had lots of little games and Bunny girl tried her hand at most of them, won a few but got a prize for all. (Its a kiddies Carnival, did you really think only the winners get prizes? The organizers definitely have kids and know what would erupt if only a few kids went home with goodies!!)

In one of the games, Bunny girl got a ring around the bottle and won a book for a prize. She refused to let me put the book in her 'Prize' bag but insisted on holding it as we stood in line to get her face painted.

I guess the waiting got to her, so she decided to take a look at her book prize.

The waiting got longer, so she decided to get comfortable.

Yes I can see the ick and grime on the floor and yes she did get thoroughly disinfected as soon as she got home!! (We would have it no other way!!)

So there it is, the picture that says it all- Bunny girl 'hearts' books!

Want more proof, here's a bookshelf with the treasures she has collected over the years (3.5 to be precise.), thanks to prizes, gifts, rewards, giveaways, garage sales and Swagbucks rewards.(more information on Swagbucks can be found in this post)

This is my favorite corner in our home!!

Join in the Wordful Wednesday fun @ 7 Clown Circus and linky up here :>

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WE WON!!!!!.......Cozi chose us!....We're # 9!!!

Yes we did it!!! By WE I do mean WE....if it had not been for all of you who left a comment, we could not have made it to number 9 among 91 Bloggers (check out the post here)....Woo-hoo!!!

A big thank you to Cozi for this fantastic prize. You will be hearing more about Cozi in the days to come. Their organization system is really something but more about that soon. (If you really can't wait to learn more about the system , do visit their site and sign up. It's totally free!)

Not sure how and when the 100$ will come in but as I promised, 1 winner will be picked, using the, to get a 20$ gift code

I am very excited about what we will be doing with the balance 80$. I want to share this with you because you helped with this win and you will be a part of the blessing as we give the balance out to 2 or maybe 3 ministries that help children in need. One project that has been on our heart for some time now is the Water for Life Project with Life Outreach International. Don't we take things like water for granted so many times? There actually are little ones who don't even have clean water to drink on a daily basis. I thought it would be nice for us to help this cause. Our children are blessed in so many ways, let us bless on children who are not as fortunate. I will post more details once we confirm the other project(s) the balance will be sent to once we actually receive this money and thanks once again for making this happen!

Ok now back to the winner......DRUMROLL please........

# 19-Parminder

I'm so excited. just picked a very special buddy and I'm thrilled....yay!!!! I will send out your prize before the weekend gets in. Congratulations!!

Everyone else who left a comment will receive an instant entry into the first giveaway of the Back to School Carnival but do come back and enter via the other entry methods too.

2 more days for the Carnival.....I can't wait!!!

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Countdown!!: Only 2 days left!

Can you believe we're all set to party on Saturday? I can't!! I hope you are all set to win some great goodies.

You know, I just made an observation...I've personally found it easier to win a bloggy giveaway than an instant win game on the web. Somehow I have had some wins with the latter but think the bloggy wins come in sooner, with less work and you can get some really unique prizes! (Yes lazy, lazy me!)

In the last ten days I found out I won:

A Toys R Us Rallye Safety Sign Thanks God's not finished with us yet and Toddler Craft

A Preserve Jr toothbrush (:>)
Thanks to Superheroes and Princesses

And a Honey Kix pack ( free box of cereal, a cereal container, cereal Carry and go container, honey jar and a cereal bowl)

Thanks to Saving Queen

Oh and click this link to view some earlier wins

I'm only posting this to encourage you to enter the blog giveaways you stumble across even while blog never know what you could win.

Having said that....Don't forget the Back to School-40 days of giveaways- Carnival starts here on Saturday August 1st. Do enter all the giveaways as all the prizes are great :>

Till then, here's sniff number 9.....

There's some great stuff for Mommy to pretty herself with and even something to make the extra curves on the 'Child carrier'(your hips ladies!)stay in place ;>.....stay tuned for more in the days to come. These special prezzies will be in there somewhere!!

Don't forget to spread the 'Buzz', snag the button and post it around the blogosphere. The Carnival will soon be here!

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Jul 28, 2009

Countdown!!: 3 days to go ( and BIG NEWS)

THREE MORE DAYS and bang, we'll be in 'Carnival' mode! Woo-hoo!!

Before I tickle your curiosity with another sniff I have some BIG NEWS (Nope, I don't know yet if we won the Cozi 100$ yet but honestly we did really great. 94 comments in all- not a single repeat comment....that's an awesome tally! Thank you so much for coming over and leaving a comment on the post. I think they do the big reveal on Thursday. :>)

Ok, now for the BIG NEWS, our sponsors for the giveaways have been so generous that I actually have, till date, 37 giveaways!!!! As a result, I am EXTENDING the carnival by another 9 DAYS...which means an additional 9 giveaways making it more than a month full of giveaways....40 days to be precise! YAY!!!! (And keep in mind you will surely have a Carnival full of more than 40 giveaways by the end of it all ;>)

The Carnival button will not change, Template Mama was sweet enough to design my cute little bunny with the balloons and I would encourage you to stop at her site and look at some of the great FREE templates she has....she can make your blog look unique!

Back to the sniffs. Here's sniff number 8......

Seen those people walking around with snazzy stationery and said "Wish that were me"? ....well that can be you! There are some great collections to choose from, so don't forget...just 3 days left for the Carnival to start!! This special prezzie will be in there somewhere!!

Don't forget to spread the 'Buzz', snag the button and post it around the blogosphere. The Carnival will soon be here!

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My fave pic of Bunny Girl- MckLinky Blog Hop

It was so hard to pick a favorite picture from the ocean of pictures we have of Bunny girl. Some of my favorites have already been posted on the blog (like the one with Bunny girl and Belle , or the one taken at the Dolphin pool at Seaworld, or another favorite-with Shadow, on our last trip back home....I could go on!)

So I decided I'd start right from the beginning and scan through the years. I didn't have to go very far as I found a photograph we'd taken of Bunny girl when she was a little over a month old. Even as a little baby she was very expressive and smiled and smiled! Caught this super cute "What's Up Doc?" pose.....this always brings a smile to my face, followed by a little giggle!!

MckLinky Blog Hop

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Jul 27, 2009

Winners: Pingo international calling card giveaway


You've won a 5$ Pingo Calling card:

#24- Ceciracine
#12: Miss Anita ('re on a roll!)
# 9: Terri S
# 20: Sweeter the berry
Repicked: Cathy @ Chief family Officer

* If any winner does not get back to me 48 hours after his or her name has been posted/ emailed, I will pick a new winner

* All winners are chosen using the generator.

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What's big, purple and sings?


I know all you Mommies and Daddies with little ones ( or kids who were once little) will know who the lovable purple dino is. Bunny girl has absolutely adored Barney ever since she was a year old. Barney, BJ and Bababap(Baby Bop) were among the first few words she would say and boy does she know a whole bunch of songs today thanks to Barney!. I still remember the day she shocked my Mom by singing my Grandmother's childhood song- Sarasponda. Where did she learn that...Barney ofcourse!!

When I received the latest release for review (thanks to Andrea Blain Public Relations) Bunny girl was thrilled. We received the beautifully packaged Barney book "Barney's Count to 10" and the inner pocket in the book held a "Barney's Book Fair" dvd. A Barney book and a Barney, Mama sure scored big time with Bunny girl!!

Barney's Book Fair DVD and Book Collection is a wonderful release from Lionsgate Publicity and HIT Entertainment and since July 14th, this collection has been available to the public in stores. It costs 14.98$ - a great buy for any Barney fan who would love the book and the full length DVD.

The Count to 10 book is a lovely book for preschoolers, with bright colorful pictures and a fun storyline that involves Baby Bop, Barney and BJ in Professor Tinkerputt's toy factory, counting the little toys they come across, from the tricycle's wheels to the train's wagons. little yellow duckies and more.

The DVD was a real treat as it runs for about 52 minutes. It starts off with the kids organizing a book drive and leads to them making their own books. With Barney and their imaginations they go off on a rocket ship, have their own little circus and sing a whole bunch of songs. The songs include all the good old numbers like What do we see at the zoo, Old McDonald and Flying high in the sky. The DVD also includes the fun 'Dance with me' segment with the toe tapping Old King Cole, Wiggle to the left goose song and a mixture of rhythmic tunes that your little one is sure to identify. Bunny girl sang all the way through the DVD and to be honest, I enjoyed watching every bit of it with her!

The DVD is available with an English-Spanish option and is a DVD repackage of Read with Me Dance with Me. The age target is 1-5 years (but if you are a child at heart, you will love this too!!)

Bunny girl definitely recommends this DVD Book collection......and so does her Mama!

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Countdown!!: 4 days to go (Last day to leave a comment for the contest.:>)

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Nearly y'all... NEARLY!!!!
I know you feel like your little ones in the back seat of a looooong drive to a fun destination but guess what? We're just 4 days away...Woo-hoo!!!

I'm so excited I can't sleep....Hubby thinks I'm going Cuckoo.....but Yay!!!! 4 days left!

Here's sniff number 7......

Don't want to raise a spoilt child who doesn't know the value of a hard earned buck? Well, 2 sponsors have 2 awesome tools to help teach your child the importance of saving for 'the winter'!

4 days left for the Carnival to start!! ...These special prezzies will be in there somewhere!!

***Please leave me a comment on this link *** The contest ends midnight today

(Please post a comment only once. The latest rules update states a person cannot post several comments. To play by the rules, I deleted any extra comments that were posted by any one person...I really appreciate you wanting to help me....Thanks a ton!)

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Jul 26, 2009

Countdown!!: 5 days to go (Don't forget to leave a comment pl ;>)

"5 more days and the party will start
5 more days, oh we're gonna have a blast
There'll be some prizes you've never ever seen before
So make sure you check back on Aug 1 for more

Go Carnival......Yay!!"

Here's sniff number 6......

Are you a reality home make over fan? Ever wish something like this could happen to you-a radical transformation of a dull space? Well, you don't have to wish much longer, you could possibly win an awesome space change consultation right here. HERE? YES HERE!!!!!!

JUST 5 DAYS LEFT PEOPLE.....5 DAYS!!!! This special prezzie will be in there somewhere!!

***Please leave me a comment on this link ***

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Jul 25, 2009

Countdown!!: 6 days to go (Plus another possible great giveaway?....C'mon Readers/Followers/Subscribers :>)

6 days....oooooo....butterflies in my tummy......sooooo excited!

Do we really need another sniff? There are so many great prizes....huh? You really want another teaser?

Oh well....since you insist!! ;>

Here's sniff number 5......

Are you fed up with waking a sleeping child trying to check his/her temperature? Well guess what? You won't have to do that anymore.....How? Wait n see!!

The party kicks off on August 1st, just 6 days left....hang in there! This special prezzie will be in there somewhere!!

***While you are spending time here, please could you help me build up my comments on this post . 15 blogs with the most number of comments will get 100$.

I just thought of a great idea.....If all my followers and subscribers just leave me a comment on this link I think we can make the mark. Oh and won't it be fun, if we win and on confirmation of the results, I pick one lucky winner from the comments on my post to win an Amazon gift certificate to buy anything on
(If and only if we're one of the 15 winners.)If we don't win, all of you will get an extra entry into the first giveaway that kicks off the Back to School you kinda win both ways :>

So how about it? .......Yay!!! Lets go comment!!! ***

P.S. Yes I know....Did my best to refine/dignify the plea!

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Jul 24, 2009

Winners: giveaway


You've won a 10$ coupon code:

#13- Miss Anita
#5: Fruitful Vine2
# 8: Debbie

* If any winner does not get back to me 48 hours after his or her name has been posted/ emailed, I will pick a new winner

* All winners are chosen using the generator.

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Is it just my 3 year old?

It's as if Bunny girl was conditioned to get into "never take a yes or a no for an answer...get all the details and pull out all the Ws to help" mode as soon as she hit 3!
Now that she's nearing the 3 and a half year mark, it seems as if..
the Whys only get longer,
Whats become more pronounced and
the Whens get more 'sing song'-ed. (Sigh!)

Can I be honest? I love the questions. I think they're super cute BUT when they're asked to someone else NOT me!

Now we've graduated to a new level. Bunny girl tries to justify why she believes something is the way she sees it by starting her sentence with " Wait. Let me tell you...." and off she goes. Most times she has the knack of firing off her weapons just when its bedtime. (Why do kids think that's an ok time? WHY OH WHY?????)

Last night.....

Silence as Hubby and I slowly drift closer and closer to dreamland... But wait! There's some shifting between the sheets......A finger is in the air, slowly tracing out imaginary pictures and quiet whispering can be heard....

Hubby- "SSSHHHHHH Go to sleep!"

Bunny girl- "There's some dirt in my noses"

Great!! I do my best impression of an inert Mummy! (rather an inert snickering Mummy, if there ever can be one!)

Hubby- " It's not noses. It's nostrils!"

Bunny girl- "Nostrils?" (In a funny sing song way)

Hubby- "Yes the holes in your nose are called nostrils."

Bunny girl (stuffing a finger into each nostril by turn) firmly states " This is not a nostril!"

Frustrated Hubby "Then what is it"

Bunny girl- " Wait. Let me tell you"


Bunny girl- " The holes are round right?"

Exasperated Hubby- 'Right!"

Bunny girl- "So they're called Circles!....Not nostrils!"

Exasperation, frustration and inertia all go flying out of the window as Hubby and I giggle ourselves awake.

Now we have 3 wide awake beings, tracing imaginary pictures in the air!!!

Question: Is it just my 3 year old?... Or is yours like mine? ;>

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Countdown!!: 7 days to go

A week. Only a week left......YAY!!!! I'm so excited, the prizes are so cool! the 'totally neat' sense.

Here's Sniff number 4....

This one make sure your kids lunch to school never gets 'cool' at school (yo!)...actually two of them are....oh it 3? Lets just count when the Carnival starts ok?

The party kicks off on August 1st.... 1 MORE WEEK...YAY!!!!!...the prezzies will be in there somewhere!!

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"One lovely blog award" first !

Heck of a Bunch sent me this " One Lovely Blog Award" last night saying " Your blog is great and I enjoy being a follower of yours. I've awarded you a lovely blog award!"
Yay!!! I'm so happy and touched!

The nice thing about this award is it gets passed on. Here are the rules to receiving the "One Lovely Blog Award" :

1. Post the award on your blog along with recognition to the person who gave it to you with a link to their blog.

2. Award 15 other well deserving blogs that you have discovered.

3. Don't forget to contact the winners you chose for the award!

Here are my 15 favorite blogs...they put in so much heart and their blog says it all. Please do visit each blog, each one is special in its own way.
  1. Hip2Save
  2. Freebies4Mom
  3. Attention Target Shoppers
  4. Nicole's Nickels
  5. Sweetiessweeps
  6. Bargain Briana
  7. Helpingmommyswin
  8. A Thrifty Mom
  9. Deal Seeking Mom
  10. I love my 5 kids
  11. Toddler Craft
  12. Therapeutic Reviews and Giveaways
  13. The self love project
  14. I could use a deal
  15. Coupon Geek
Blog hop through these 15 and enjoy a good read/deal/win :>

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"Top 10 Reasons I am Excited to Stay Home with My Family this Coming Weekend." (Please comment ;>)

Practically everyone in the blogosphere has heard of BlogHer-the blogging event of the year. It's where all the bloggers around descend, network, exchange notes, meet PR sponsors and more. It's basically a great event and lots of bloggers are going......and lots of us aren't for various reasons.

Being new to the blogging scene, I just recently learnt that BlogHer actually existed and personally think its sounds fun.....maybe next year? Anyways Momof2Boys Wife of 1 decided to host a "Not going to BlogHer" party on her blog and Cozi jumped in and said "Let me award 15 bloggers with the most comments on this particular post topic with a 100$ giveaway" Isn't that cool? Two of my blog pals are participating and I thought, why not? I won't lose anything, so here goes......

"Top 10 Reasons I am Excited to Stay Home with My Family this Coming Weekend."

  1. Weekends are family time with Hubby and Bunny girl and honestly the only 2 days in the week where we can do fun things as a family ALL isn't that reason enough to be excited?
  2. We have a Dora themed 1st birthday party to attend and I wouldn't miss it for the world.....these friends are so precious to us !!!
  3. Our Pastor celebrates his big 50 this Sunday at church. He's so special to us....would I want to miss being a part of the celebrations?!
  4. I've not stocked up on the cheap/free school supplies available this week. Just one more day left to do it ;>
  5. I really need to schedule out the giveaways for the Back to School 31 day Carnival . I'm so excited .....there actually are more than 31 great giveaways scheduled in the 31 day period....woo-hoo!!!
  6. We need to take Bunny girl to see her Doc to get her pre-school enrollment health sign offs done. (The day to start school is quickly approaching......sob!)
  7. If I was out of town for Blog Her, Bunny girl's scheduled playdates for the week would not happen and she soooooooo looks forward to even just a few minutes of 'play-time' with 2 of her best friends Jo and Vic :> (Seeing my Bunny girl happy is such a satisfying experience......all you Moms and Dads out there can vouch for that!)
  8. If I'd been away at BlogHer 09 I would never ever have had a God appointed meeting at the local library yesterday morning. I met a lady who hails from close to where we live in India. After talking we found out we studied in the same place in a totally different country and after talking some more, we found out that she was my childhood friend's sister in law.....we screamed so loud in excitement, much to the librarian's horror! The world is soooooo TINY!!! She has 3 year old twin princesses.......yay, more playdates for Bunny girl!
  9. Sigh........I'll miss Bunny girl too much
  10. Double sigh......I'll miss Hubby tons too.
Please do leave a comment below to help the post get to the top 15 mark :> Merci Beaucoup!!!!....and why don't you join in the fun?

UPDATE: Possible giveaway?

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Jul 23, 2009

It's raining free/cheap school supplies this week!

I've not had the opportunity to hit the stores yet but I'm planning a quick run this evening and tomorrow morning. Here are the week's deals...

  • Free Backpack: basically you get 100% back in staples rewards, if you are a Staples Rewards member. If you do not have a Staples rewards card, sign up for free here. (This is a great rewards scheme if you spend about 100$ on paper/ink/toner/Staples copy and print services every quarter. At the end of each quarter you will receive 10$ back in Staples rewards. If your balance is less than 10$ in a quarter, whatever you accumulate will expire. )- 1 per mailing address
  • Electric Pencil Sharpener: 15.99$ - 5.99$ instant savings - 10$ easy rebates= FREE ( 1 rebate per household)
  • Zebra Cadoozles Mechanical pencils, 10 in a pack: 2.99$ - 2.99$ easy rebate = FREE ( 1 rebate per household)
  • Zebra Sarasa retractable gel pens, 5 in a pack : 4.99$-4.99$ easy rebate = FREE ( 1 rebate per household)
  • Pentel retractable highlighters, 4 in a pack: 4.99$ - 4.99$ easy rebate = FREE ( 1 rebate per household)
(Note: Smartsource has a coupon for 1$ off 2 Zebra pen products and has a picture of the Cadoozles on it. So you can buy the Cadoozles and Sarasa and get a 1$ overage once the rebate comes through)-Thanks Coupon Geek

1$ deals:
(2 per household)

2$ deals:
  • Pilot ERASABLE Gel Pens
  • Staples Mechanical Pencils
  • Staples Stickies Pads
  • Staples Erasers Pack (eraser/grip combo)
  • Small Dry Erase Board
Thanks Hip2Save


I use so much Poster Board that it's not funny. The cheapest I have paid for white poster board so far is 50 cents a piece, so when I saw this week's WAGS ad advertising White posterboard for 9 cents a piece I was, to say the least, ecstatic!!! (Crazy I know but I use lots of this for crafts)
  • FREE Pilot G2Gel Pens (2 in a pack): 1$ - 1$ Register reward = FREE
  • FREE 4 packs of BIC Highlighters (5 in a pack): 49 cents x 4 packs - 1$/2 BIC Stationery products (print twice) = FREE
9 cents deals (Limit 12):
  • Penway 2-pocket folders
  • Penway highlighters
  • #2 pencils
  • White poster board
19 cents deals (Limit 6):
  • Paper Mate 1.2 Prism pens (10 in a pack)
  • Paper Mate mechanical pens (5 in a pack)
  • Penway rulers
  • 100 paper clips
  • 2-pocket folders (with prongs)
29 cents deals:
  • Penway pencils (yellow 10 in a pack)
  • Erasers

39 cents deals:

  • Penway glue
  • Folders
  • Scotch tape (Buy 3 and use the $1/3 coupon from the 7/12 RedPlum insert to get these for less than 6 cents each)
49 cents deals:
  • Bic Brightliner highlighters (5 in a pack)
  • Penway crayons (8 or 24 in a pack)
59 cents deals:
  • Envelopes
  • Pencil sharpener

99 cents deals:

  • Crayola colored pencils (12 in a pack)
  • 3-subject notebook


20 cents deals:

2-pk. Elmer’s glue sticks
2-pk. pink erasers
Pencil sharpener

Crayola crayons(24 in a pack)- 27 cents
Composition books - 50 cents
12-pk Rose Art colored pencils- 79 cents
96-sheet pack of 9x12" construction paper- 88 cents
12-pk. Crayola colored pencils- 88 cents

Target has a lot more deals than that which are advertised. You will find markdowns and sale prices on a lot of Back to School supplies.

Check out Life as Mom's '7 Creative Uses for School Supplies' post, this will motivate you to stock up extras ( and more extras!) Prioritize her points # 6 and 7, our children are so blessed to have so much....let us bless on those who are not as fortunate.

Remember these deals hold good till your local stores close on Saturday. Sorry for being a Late Latif with the deals again :<

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Countdown!!: 8 days to go

Sniff number 3......

What if your precious child needs to go to school in a car that's all muddy and anything BUT a sight for sore eyes? (You know the sort of cars I mean...the ones that have "WASH ME!!" finger written in the dust on the windshield!......Don't slink back!....You know that has been you on more than one occasion!) Well, one sponsor has been kind enough to give away a "LOVE KIT" for your car.....making your child proud to drive in the back seat of a snazzy looking school drop!

What ever is it?'ll need to wait till the party kicks off on August 1st.....the prezzie will be in there somewhere!!

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Jul 22, 2009

Wordful Wednesday with scary Dora!

I really did try to be a part of the Wordless Wednesday linky but honestly after picking this picture I'm so glad 7 Clown Circus started the 'Wordful Wednesday' linky.

In Angie's words " 'Wordful Wednesday' is for those of us who would like to showcase a photo(s) but just can't seem to keep our mouths shut about it/them!"..... and this photograph just had to have words!

This photograph was taken last week at our local library's Dora themed story session. Our librarians try so hard to make each story session special for the kids and this time in their effort to do something different, I personally think they actually made this scary looking Dora from scratch.

The poor Dora didn't shake any hands which Bunny girl found most strange. After all, according to her, characters are meant to shake hands, hug and pose for photographs. This poor Dora did nothing but hold her head up as it seemed to look like it was all set to roll off!!

I had to put up this photograph just to show we have the best librarians over here. These are the lengths they will go to make sure our kids love their books and more so their local library!!

Join in the Wordful Wednesday fun and linky up here :>

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Countdown!!: 9 days to go

Sniff number 2......

Yooooo-hooooooo I see you! Lets just say another prezzie you have a chance to win, will ensure you can see things clearer and sharper. The site is your limit and I know you will take a while to pick something that will make you look tres chic. Say bye bye to the Bookworm look!

What ever is it?'ll need to wait till the party kicks off on August 1st.....the prezzie will be in there somewhere!!

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Jul 21, 2009

Countdown!!: 10 days to go

Isn't it fun to have someone build up the suspense and the excitement? (Nerving at times yes but fun most times!!)

Since we're down to a 10 day countdown for the Back to School Carnival, allow me to let you in on a few sniffs here and there.

Sniff number 1......

Haven't you gone down to the store or browsed the net and found all that personalized stuff to be sooooo cute but oh so expensive?

Guess what?.....I've felt the same way and thought it would be great to give away some personalized prezzies for your precious little ones.

What sort of personalized prezzies?'ll need to wait till the party kicks off on August 1st.....they'll be in there somewhere!!

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Am I confident about God's love for me?

Yesterday I had a wonderful time helping share the Word of God with some ladies in church. I was dealing with one topic in the Bible study titled " Am I confident about God's love for me?" While preparing for this study the previous day, an incident at the library came to memory and then the scene from a film most of us have watched. I knew, even as I typed, God had a message. It spoke to me and I pray as you read this, you may be blessed too.

There are moments in our lives, when we go through hard times or difficult situations when we find it a struggle to walk on in faith. There are moments when we look up to Heaven exasperated and cry "Lord, do you really love me?".... There are those moments.

Have you watched the movie the Passion of Christ? There is one scene that still stands out so clear in my mind, that is when Jesus is on the Cross. He is in pain and torment and it is at this moment that the Presence of God leaves His Side...just for a moment but that moment is too much for Jesus to bear. He suffered each step till then bravely because He knew the Presence of God was with Him....His Assurance....His Father. Now He is is too much. He just looks up to the Heavens and screams in anguish, a son to his father, “Eloi Eloi Lama Sabachthani” “Lord Lord why have you forsaken me” and immediately the next bit picturized shows the skies growing dark and just to add more impact to the scene, a tear drop is shown falling from the Heavens. The Pain of A Father.
Think about it....

As a parent I know it pains me when Bunny girl hurts. I took Bunny girl for a morning story session at the local library last week and the children were on the rug playing with some toys put out. Bunny girl went up to an older girl and picked out a toy to play with it from near the girl’s feet. The girl glared at her, arms full with 2 other toys and snatched this one out of Bunny girl’s hands and scowled. The look on Bunny girl’s face tore me up-she was so hurt but didn’t say anything and just quietly went down and sat next to another little girl, who sweetly shared her toys. It would have been easy for me to step in and fight my child's battle but it was something she needed to handle on her own. Something so tiny hurt me when I saw the sadness written all over my daughter’s face. At that moment I was reminded of how much much more it hurt when God looked down that day and saw His Son in torment, being given up for you and me but He could not step in. His Son had to go through it all....just for you....just for me.

Picture that scene and replay that in your mind each time you question “Does God really love me?” There is no doubt about it! He made the ultimate sacrifice for you and even if it meant it would save only you, He would do it all over again.

That’s how much God loves you. Be confident in that. Be blessed!

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Jul 20, 2009

'Home Sweet Home Office' from the Joyful Organizer

Bonnie Joy Dewkett is the founder of The Joyful Organizer, a company that focuses on bringing organization into any area thinkable. To read an introduction to The Joyful Organizer, visit
this post.

Bonnie has kindly agreed to guest blog four great posts on the Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports to help readers all around the blogosphere. This is the last of the four posts...Let's get joyfully organized!

(Read Bonnie's posts on 'Kid's Rooms Tips', Clutter Free Gifts and Preparing for a Family Emergency)


For those who work at home, organizing and maintaining a home office can be a unique challenge. After all, your kids wouldn't put toys on your desk, and your significant other wouldn’t dump the mail on your keyboard at an office. Maintaining order and organization in your home office presents more challenges than organizing a traditional office. Keep reading to discover 10 easy ways to keep things together so you can attain your highest level of productivity.

1. Invest in quality and functional furniture. If you are trying to run a business on a piece of wood propped up with cinder blocks, chances are you aren't working as effectively as you could. Do some research and purchase furniture that meets your business and ergonomic needs. Consider looking into some discount or used furniture stores for ideas if you are working with a budget.

2. Establish multiple workstations or zones. Create an area that you can do computer work, another area for letter writing and other physical paper manipulation, and finally a station for filing and housing archival information and paperwork.

3. Make sure your business hardware is functioning properly, clean, and accessible. If is it extremely difficult to access your fax machine, chances are you will never use it. Keeping all your hardware clean and out in the open will help you move about your office and perform tasks quickly and efficiently.

4. Keep cleaning products such as a duster and multi-surface cleaner in the room. If something needs to be cleaned, you don't have to leave the room and risk getting distracted to clean up.

5. Keep snacks and drinks on hand. If possible, utilize a mini fridge in your office. Getting thirsty or hungry during the day will lead you to leave your office for food or drink. Again, you run the risk of getting distracted and not returning to work quickly. Also you’ll do your best work when your body is nourished!

6. If you are running your household finances from the same office, file all paperwork in a separate filing cabinet or a separate drawer. Color code files to make the separation clear to everyone.

7. Set working hours. Create a schedule for yourself just like you would if you had a job you had to leave the house to do to. Make sure you family and customers know what business hours you keep.

8. If you haven’t already, consider using a P.O. Box to receive your business mail. This will keep it separate from your personal bills, correspondence, and periodicals— saving you time sorting.

9. Keep office supplies on hand. You don't need a supply closet full like you would if you were in an office of 100 people. Running out of printer paper, and having to stop your day to go buy more, creates a distraction. If you don’t already, keep a list of your office supply inventory and make a single trip to replenish many items.

10. Define your business space. Make sure the whole family knows that that is your job and they need to respect your space. Have an inbox for any items that family members want to give you for your attention during the workday. Most impo
rtantly, set the right example by respecting your time and work space.

Bonnie Joy Dewkett
The Joyful Organizer, LLC
© Copyright The Joyful Organizer, LLC 2007

(Bonnie can be contacted for a personal consultation on the above number/email

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Extra!Extra! Read All about it!!

What's the inside scoop?

A 31 day 'Back to School Carnival' with 31 days of great reviews and 31 AWESOME GIVEAWAYS!


Starts August 1st- August 31st 2009

Who's invited?


What can I do till it starts?

Grab the Carnival button and spread the buzz.

Countdown to the Carnival starts now!

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Winner: Piggy Paint giveaway


You've won a 20$ Piggy Paint gift certificate:

#25 - Michele P who said
"I like the fact that it has no toxic chemicals, but also that it can help your child with fine motor skills or learning colors too!"

* If any winner does not get back to me 48 hours after his or her name has been posted/ emailed, I will pick a new winner

* All winners are chosen using the generator.

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Jul 18, 2009

Target Triumph on 7/17 (FREE groceries + 1 DVD + 1.10$ profit!!)

I'm not sure why I plain forgot about this deal at the beginning of the week, so had to quickly stop at Target last night to make sure I clinched it before the week was through.

Here's what I bought:

7 boxes of Kelloggs cereal on sale @ 1.88$ each
2 carry and go Cheerios cups @ 1$ each
3 Eggo French toast packs @ 1.5$ each
1 Duncan Hines Cake mix @ 0.97
1 Duncan Hines Frosting @ 1.97$

Total before coupons= 22.60$

Minus coupons-

7 1$ off Kelloggs cereals (from past inserts + 3 coupons from the 5$ savings coupons in the Frosted Flakes box I bought.)
2 1$ off any cheerios ( Bricks link- FF or IE)
2 50 cents off any Duncan Hines baking product( Target coupon)
2 1$ off an Eggo bake product -internet printables (prints for the campaign are now over. Fortunately I had printed these 2 last week.)
1 1$ off 2 Eggo products (Target coupon that printed out with my receipt during my Target trip last week)

Total after coupons and taxes 8.90$
Savings on the receipt: 25.63$

Now this is where the deal gets sweet ....

I'm now going to send in my Target receipt and UPCs from the Kelloggs boxes and Eggo packs for the Kelloggs 'Fuel for school' rebate (check details on my earlier post ). For buying these 10 products I will receive a 10$ rebate.
This makes all 14 products bought totally FREE and leaves me with a profit for 1.10$.

Want to hear how this deal will get sweeter?....

I made sure I bought 5 boxes of Raisan Bran Crunch and each box has a movie token. I need to send all 5 movie tokens along with the order form found here to get my choice of a free dvd and I don't even have to pay shipping/handling to receive the same! (You can find the movie token on any of the products mentioned here.) I plan to order 'Napoleon' for my little dog lover, I'm sure she'll be thrilled!

Hence, in effect, my actual savings after the rebate will amount to 36.73 $ plus a free dvd...woo-hoo!

I wish I'd remembered to do this deal earlier on in the week, it would have given you more time to gather up the required coupons. I really hope you can find your coupons before this weeks Target sale prices end on Saturday night.

P.S. No photograph of the "Triumph' as Hubby and Bunny girl are fast asleep and I don't want to wake them trying to get out the loot as it was put away last night as soon as I got back. ;>

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Jul 17, 2009

Have you noticed?

Have you noticed....

When your baby is born you love holding and cuddling her but more than anything you just can't wait to have her toddling around?

Once she's able to hold onto things and move around with a little help, you can't wait to see her move around independently?

Now that your baby is a little girl who walks, jumps, skips, hops and runs all over the place.......don't you wish she could go back to being the 'in one place only' little baby ?

Have you noticed....

When your little girl is awake, full of beans and all set for a new adventure every moment, you really wish she would fall asleep?

And when she is really wish she would get up and bring life into your 'now quiet' world?

Have you noticed....

When your little one started speaking her own little language, you really wished she would be able to communicate in a language everyone could understand?

Now that she is a little chatterbox and the official family newspaper (eek!)...don't you wish there could be more moments like Zzzzzzz?

Have you noticed....

It's not always the best thing to have your kids feed themselves?

Have you noticed....

Sometimes helping is not always helpful? (Especially when you notice you have more dirt piles scattered around the house!)

Have you noticed....

If it had not been for our little treasures, our lives would not be complete nor would every moment be filled with excitement?

Yes there are those "aaaaaargh" tantrum days and "I don't want to eat" days (I know there are more but lets not get ourselves stressed!) but they're only tiny specks in the beautiful masterpiece memories our children create for us.

Bunny girl is our gift from Heaven (*), our special prayed for child. True some days are more tiring and grueling than others but honest to God, I wouldn't trade being a parent for anything in the matter what craziness lies in store for me tomorrow!!

* Psalm 127:3 (Message Bible version)-
"Don't you see that children are
God's best gift? The fruit of the womb his generous legacy? "

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Jul 16, 2009

Decorating a kids dream room is now easy!- All Children's Furniture Review

I wish I were a kid in this generation, here in the US of! Have you seen the options you have to decorate a kids room? In the good old days...errr, considering the limited design alternatives lets change the old days, a girls room could have a pink theme and a boys a blue theme. Today, oh my goodness, the options are crazy. Ask any little girl how she wants to do up her room and believe me you will be in for a long wait. "Should I choose a Dora theme or a Disney Princess one?" "Butterflies or Candy Canes?" "Or maybe pretty little pink hearts".......Sigh! I wish I were a kid in this generation!

Its hard for a parent today to find everything they need to decorate a little princess' or prince's room especially since you CAN find all you need BUT NOT under the same roof!

Well...guess what? All Children's Furniture is here to spoil you parents out there. Sit back and get comfortable on that computer chair, stretch your finger muscles a bit, grab a hold of your mouse and just click click click around the site and have everything you need for your little gem's room, all under one site, that can be ordered from the comfort of your home, with just a few clicks of your mouse. How cool is that?

Don't believe me then check this out.....Take toddler beds for example. Now where can you find 97 options for a toddler bed?! Best of all you have access to great designs from over 12 leading furniture brands, just for toddler beds alone!

Visit the site, spend some time looking around and I'm sure you will find some great buys at really great prices.

On August 1st 2009, All Children's Furniture will 'slam dunk' the start of a fun Carnival here at the Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports. It will be a month full of reviews and giveaways and........oh well, I'd better not let the cat out of the bag completely ;>.

Stay tuned for more inside scoop on my 'Back to School Carnival'. Till then, here's some eye candy.....

Will this be one of the prizes at the Carnival?.......Well.......Wait and see! August 1st is not too far off!!

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Jul 15, 2009

CLOSED: Radical reading with IBW books- Review and giveaway has chosen our winner:
Congratulations Ticia

Radical reading were the first words that came to my mind as I sat to draw up this review. Honestly! Today it's sometimes hard to get children to develop a love for reading if it has not been introduced to them at a very young age. I honestly think Ghost Hunter Productions foresaw this problem and developed a radical new line called the IBW books (i.e. The 'Interactive Book Webscene' Books)

I thought the best way to introduce IBW books to you would be by answering a few questions you may have (rather which I had and clarified, thanks to the books we got to review and the IBW site.)

Why are IBW books different?

IBW books use a new storytelling process that combines an actual print book with the interactivity of online animations.

How are IBW books different?
  1. Read a chapter from the printed IBW book.
  2. At the end of each chapter, you find a weblink.
  3. When you go online to the weblink, you find an animation or some other multimedia called a webscene (Such as this one.). The webscene is a part of the story.
  4. After you view the webscene for that chapter, you go back to the book to read another chapter. After each chapter you find a new weblink and the cycle continues.
There are six or more webscenes included in every IBW Book.

What's an IBW Book must?

I would say a computer! You can read a book to your child without one, but if you sit at the computer and read the book and visit the chapter webscenes, it will engage, interest and keep your child focused and undistracted.

Have you tried using an IBW book? Was it hard? Did your child enjoy it?

Bunny girl and I had a fun time reviewing
  • 'Celebration of Letters A and B'- this was a fun book from the Busy Preschoolers line. It was a sweet interactive lesson with Bunny girl. We did little actions for each sentence, visited the webscenes and she had a great time. We actually had to do each letter twice in one sitting as she had so much fun. ( Check on this sample activity for the alphabet A). To research this line of books a little more, click on this direct link.
  • 'Where can Lost Bee be?' - Under the KA reader line, this was a little grown up for Bunny girl but she enjoyed the story (and I think the webscenes more!). KA Readers help develop vocabulary through word families and introduce a child to all the words in a patter family (Eg: Hat,cat,rat,mat...) This is a great series especially for homeschooling families and soon to homeschool families. To research this series, click on this direct link.
And yes we enjoyed every bit of our IBW experience!

How can I order IBW books?

You can order these books online and if you do it now, you can get your books 75% me that's a great deal especially as you can be all set to roll before the new school year starts.

Is that it?

Actually no! You can not only buy IBW books but you can also help sell them and make some moolah in the process. The fun part is you get to host a little IBW party, introduce the books to your friends and receive an immediate 20% commission on all sales at the close of each hosted event! To learn more about this great opportunity, visit the IBW Booksellers link.

That's not all!!

Ghost Hunter Productions has kindly offered to give away a set of IBW Books and best of all, you get to choose between these 2 book sets.
  • The Busy Preschooler’s Guide to Learning – fun activities built around the 26 letters of the alphabet, with step-by-step help to guide parents in how to use everyday situations to teach 105 skills their kids need before they walk in the kindergarten door. (Retail value $60.)
  • THREE (3) KA Readers – beginning readers that use a new kind of storytelling where kids see an animation unfold at the close of every chapter! Dr. Seuss-like rhyming hooks kids on the fun of words. Online activities help parents assess a child’s reading and comprehension. (Retail value $60.)

Here's how you can enter to win:

- To enter this giveaway, please leave me a comment letting me know which set of IBW books you would like to win. (mandatory entry)

In addition to your primary entry, you can enter 4 more times...YES! You CAN enter a total of 5 times! (Please leave separate comments for each entry):

- 1. Subscribe to my blog (remember you need to activate the subscription if you subscribe via email) or Follow my blog & leave a comment stating that you subscribe or follow.

- 2. Blog about this giveaway (leave a comment with a link to your blog post)

- 3. Add the link to this giveaway on a Mr Linky on a blog giveaway site, forum, carnival. (leave a comment with the link)

-4. Snag my blog button (the cute little bunny on the right!) and leave a comment with the link

This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 years and above.

1 winner will be chosen with the generator on JULY 29 2009 at 10 pm Central time, so enter before that. The winners names will be posted thereafter. Please note if any winner does not get back to me 48 hours after his/her name has been posted, I will pick a new winner.

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