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Target trip 05/21-spent 3.27$ only for all this!!

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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: Target trip 05/21-spent 3.27$ only for all this!!

May 21, 2009

Target trip 05/21-spent 3.27$ only for all this!!

Had the pest control guys in the apartment this morning, which meant we needed to be out of the house for 2 hours atleast. Decided I'd hit Target to use the rest of my Target coupons (TQs) and the Kraft Manufacturer coupons (MQs) before the Quaker and Nabisco deals end on the 23rd. Sadly my Target was wiped clean of cookies....I'm sure another Coupon Mommy beat me to it ;> but nevertheless I did manage to get a few good deals thanks to the overages and clearance prices!

2 Two Pack Target Kitchen Scrubs (Used 2 TQs )
1 Downy Ultra Trial Size clearanced down (1 Downy MQ for any size)
2 Tide Trial Size clearanced down ( 2 Tide MQs for any size)
3 mini Pringles cans- by the counter (3 TQs)
10 Quaker Bite Snacks- by the counter (10 TQs)- these are super yum!
1 Pace Salsa ( 1 MQ from the Pace Instant win game)
1 R. Bran Kelloggs (1 MQ)
2 Coppertone Trial Size Water babies sun screen ( 2 MQs for any size)
1 NYC lipstick- thought this was clearanced down.Upon getting back and checking the bill I realized I picked up the wrong one...oh well, never mind! ( 1 MQ)
1 Rimmel Nail polish clearanced down (1 MQ)
Charmin To Go clearanced down ( 1 MQ for any size)
Cottonelle (12 double rolls)-on sale (1 5$ coupon off a Kimberley Clark product- won this coupon along with 4 others on the Kimberley Clark instant win game)

My total out of pocket spending was 3.27$ ( paid this off with a Target gift card from an earlier Target deal) and my overall savings was 42.35 $.



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