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Mommy Tip # 8 - Puzzles puzzles everywhere!

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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: Mommy Tip # 8 - Puzzles puzzles everywhere!

May 16, 2009

Mommy Tip # 8 - Puzzles puzzles everywhere!

If your little one is a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast as mine you will fathom the frustration there is when one piece of a puzzle goes missing. Bunny girl has a number of puzzles and a missing piece was common place in the recent past till I discovered a new use for Ziploc bags! (Had the brainwave when we were making our trip down to India and carrying all the puzzle boxes was out of the question due to lack of space. Bunny girl wanted to carry along several puzzles and there were Ziploc bags lying around....Eureka!)

Storing jigsaw puzzles in their original boxes is good but takes up so much space, so what I do now is:
1. Store each puzzle in individual Ziploc bags.
2. Cut out the puzzle's reference picture from the box and insert the same into the bag.
3. Label the bag with the Puzzle's name and the number of pieces the puzzle holds.

And voila! Storage saving, less messes, jigsaw puzzle pieces that stay together....Happy Bunny girl and Happy Mama!



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