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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: Bunny girl and Shadow

May 13, 2009

Bunny girl and Shadow

Shadow is the canine member of our family back in India. She's a beautiful black Labrador with a heart as big as Texas!

Shadow and Bunny girl have a bond that goes way back to when she was born. Shadow actually lives with my brother in law and their home was bang opposite our rental home when Bunny girl was tiny. Each time Bunny girl would cry as a little baby, Shadow would run out of the house and stand at the gate to check what was wrong. As she grew older, Shadow became her playmate. Bunny girl would pick stones of varying sizes and shapes and feed Shadow the same. Shadow would open her mouth, take hold of each stone, close her mouth as if to eat the stone and when Bunny girl bent over to get the next stone, would turn her head to the side and spit the stone out !

When we left India for the US when Bunny girl was a year and a half old, she missed Shadow a lot. I still remember the day we first took her to the Toys R Us here and told her she could choose any toy she wanted as a special treat. Hubby carried her around the store and while passing the plush toys, she shouted Shadow and they stopped. There on the shelves was a beautiful plush black lab that looked just like Shadow in every way and that was the prezzie Bunny girl wanted, nothing else. So Shadow 2 came home with us that day.

We took a trip to India late last year and I wasn't sure if Shadow and Bunny girl would bond as they did when she was younger but I was SO WRONG! As soon as they met, they just picked up from where they left off. Shadow would wait for Bunny girl to wake up in the morning and they'd play in the sun, play in the evening and play at night. When the holiday finished, Shadow even came to the bus stop to say bye to Bunny girl and kept licking her face to say her goodbyes, much to my horror. ( Needless to say, on the bus ride out, Bunny girl was thoroughly wiped down and disinfected! I love dogs but can't handle the sticky wet licks....eeeyeeew!!)

Shadow is a part of our family and is featured on Bunny girl's prayer list each night and she won't have it any other way. I love the relationship they both share .... and honestly, I too wouldn't have it any other way!

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At June 6, 2009 at 2:03 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

Beautiful write up and love the pictures that show the bond between darling Bunny girl and Shadow--a bond that needs no words to express and convey deep love and total compatability..
truly a picture speaks a thousand words...
particular love the one of Bunny girl as a toddler relaxing on the cool tiled floor with Shawdow flopped in front of her...Hope both get to meet each other soon...


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