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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: Disney's Earth- a must see!

May 11, 2009

Disney's Earth- a must see!

What better way to celebrate Mother's Day than watch Disney's latest production - Earth with some of my favorite people. Hubby dearest took our family and my good friend and her son to watch this beautiful movie. This is a definite must see for all ages. The awesomeness of God's Creation, His Hand in providing for the animals, the exquisite beauty in landscape and the universal language of motherhood.

There are beautiful Mommy moments in the movie. I loved the way the Mama whale flapped her fin on the surface of th
e waves to let the baby know she was close by and that they had to keep surging ahead to their final destination. Also loved the tired little elephant calf and his Mama. The elephants had been marching for days to reach the watering hole and the poor baby was so tired and thus unfocused that he walked straight into a straggly tree. The Mama stopped marching immediately, turned and looked at her little one, as if to egg him on, waited for him to re-orient and then together they marched on again to join the rest of the troop.

Bunny girl loved the movie (Was her first movie in a theatre and what better one to be the first!)but was most 'uspet' (upset) that the great white killer shark had to eat the seal. She only realised the seal was being devoured when she spotted its flipper peeping out of the shark's savage jaws. There were other scenes in the film that showed 'the hunter and the hunted' but this is what it looked like to her-
1. When the Polar bear tried to grab hold of a walrus for a much needed meal and while the other walruses fl
ed into the waters for safety, Bunny girl thought the Polar bear was helping the walrus into the water by giving it a push of help.
2. When the cheetah pounced onto a deer and dug its teeth into the deer's neck,
Bunny girl whispered "'s kissing the deer's boo-boo(hurt)"! (I thought it best to leave it at that!!)

I give this movie a unanimous thumbs up and would encourage everyone to g
o see it. Take a look at the trailer and decide for yourself!
Disney Earth's Preview



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