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Why pay for toothpaste?

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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: Why pay for toothpaste?

Apr 8, 2009

Why pay for toothpaste?

If you have a Walgreens closeby, stock up! Since the past few months, Walgreens has been giving away free toothpaste certain weeks and one such week is this week.

Buy the Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste for 3.49$ and receive a Register Reward Receipt for 3.49$. This receipt can be used at any Walgreens store for any other purchase, thus making your tube of toothpaste totally FREE!

If you have any of the 1$ off coupons for the Colgate Total, this deal gets even sweeter, helping you get an overage of a dollar. (There's a printable coupon that can be used as well. This can be printed twice. After printing this off the first time, refresh the page and the second prints off. Here's the link )

Remember to break up your transactions if you are buying more than one tube of toothpaste as the Register Reward holds good for only one product. Similarly if you use your Register Reward receipt to pay for another tube of toothpaste, the receipt for that tube will not print.

So do what I generally do- break up your transactions and buy a tube at a time and club your receipts together and buy whatever else you need at Walgreens.

Happy stocking and saving!



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