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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: Through the eyes (and mouth) of a child!

Apr 20, 2009

Through the eyes (and mouth) of a child!

Coined together some priceless 'Bunny girl-isms' that I thought needed to be recorded somewhere for for our family, friends and the blogosphere to read now and for Bunny girl to read later and have a good laugh...perhaps with her own little ones?

1. Bunny girl is determined to have Jesus come over for a playdate and while she and Jesus play, she has instructed that I need to be in the kitchen baking cookies for them!

2. Bunny girl is emphatic that car dealerships sell balloons and when you buy a balloon, they give you a car! (Buy a Balloon, Get a Car free?...sign me up for that one!!)

3. Bunny girl is adamant that Heaven is residence for Jesus, God AND Father God! (She still refuses to accept that God and Father God are the same)

4. Bunny girl is sure the plural of 'Hug' is 'Husses'!

And then there are those gems that just trip out of her cute little 3 year old mouth:
  • The other day she played dress up and said she was a lady from 'Mosquito' (Mexico!)
  • Today her book had a picture of a big yellow 'Meylon' (Lemon!).
  • A few months ago her arm consisted of her 'Elibolo' (Elbow!)
  • Earlier this morning while playing dress up her Aunt placed a scarf around her head and Bunny girl proudly stated she looked like a 'Cooker' (Chef!)

It's no wonder that we don't watch much television at home. The television stays functional when it gets warmed up with Bunny girl's favorite Playhouse Disney channel each morning and that's where it ends. Hubby cannot stop moping about the fact that he doesn't watch the news as often as he'd like...Ha ha ha..not like there's anything very encouraging to watch nowadays!

I'll sign off by saying this- we have a bundle of energy who proves to be the best source of entertainment when awake...and no amount of TV can compete with that!



At June 6, 2009 at 2:07 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

What better entertainment could you have than having a live wire at home ..Bunny girl has a fertile imagination and sensitive and can outsmart any talk show you could have had on television can just forget the mundane news of the world of gloom and doom when you have this bright ray of sunshine at home !
Great idea to keep this blog going..big bear husses to my darling Bunny girl


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