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Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports: Pilot post...hope I steer ok!!!

Mar 20, 2009

Pilot post...hope I steer ok!!!

The butterflies in my tummy coupled with a rush of adventure tell me I'm feeling what I did when my Bunny girl entered the world in the midst of those crazy birth pangs.....the same feeling I had walking down the aisle...and definitely the same feeling I had when my Prince popped the question to beat all questions! Finally the day has arrived and FINALLY I have decided to........BLOG!!!

Now that I've decided to blog...what should I blog about?.....(Doesn't the title say it all?)....right! My darling Energizer Bunny, who just turned 3 last week. Time flies and what better place to record Bunny reports than on my very own "Bunny Blog"!

Let me start by introducing myself, the author of this blog......I've just hit my 30s and feel being 20 was oh so cool....but 30 is another story.....suddenly you are considered one of those "oldie goldies" and even people 3 years younger than you call you "AUNTY" (The ultimate chillipowder on an open wound tag!). We're based in a quiet city in the US and have been here for less than 2 years now. (We're originally from the most beautiful and culturally diverse Nation of all.....Hamara Bharath Mahan...India!!)

Join me as I take you through my life as a Stay at Home Mommy blessed with a wonderful caring Hubby and a precious little Energizer Bunny daughter. (For privacy reasons my daughter will not be referred to by name but as "Bunny girl" and my beloved as my dear "Hubby". )

There will be...

Times of laughter as you read the funny anecdotes about my Bunny girl
Times of encouragement as I reflect on God's goodness in my life
Times of 'sharing the market buzz' as I review some great products and services in the market.
Times of anticipation as you enter the many giveaways that are hosted
( And times of celebration when you find out that you've won a giveaway! ;>)
Times of learning as I teach you to be frugally profitable, replicate store steals and let you in on some of the best shopping deals out there.

There will be times like these and many more. Make yourself comfortable....I'm glad you're here and hope you'll bunny hop along this journey with us.

Till my next post......Smiles! ....Need to rush away as I hear exasperation in hubby darling's tone as our little livewire is all set to stay up another 3 hours and its lights out soon!

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